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experiment: data complex 7 | a world apart | video art


After several weeks of editing, I have completed my most recent video in my “Experiment: Data Complex” series. It is entitled ” A World Apart” and it focuses on the historical, and current separatist constructs that have negatively affected African-Americans and society as a whole. The Data Complex series brings together modern digital technology, and ambient music with various visual artistic styles such as Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, and Futurism to convey its message. Recently I watched the video of the Jay Z performance art piece entitled “Picasso Baby” at the Pace Gallery in New York City. His merging of Hip Hop culture and High Art culture was impressive. As a digital artist, and an African-American artist, I believe as Jay Z so eloquently said, that (and I paraphrase) it is a time for us to take the technology and expand our vision for the world to see. I hope to always push forward and merge the boundaries of digital art, video art, and contemporary soundscapes as tools to bring together “A World Apart”.


variations | savannah river walk ~ nancy

variations | savannah river walk

This past week, Nancy and I spent our vacation at Tybee Island, and in Savannah GA. A little beach, surf, and ocean mixed with downtown art and galleries. We did some kayaking on the backwaters and enjoyed the festivities along the River Walk in Savannah’s Old Historic District. The sights, sounds and smells were wonderful. I hope to capture in my own unique way, the experience, in several upcoming posts. I am also currently working on my latest video project entitled “Data Complex 7 | A World Apart”. With the current climate of injustice and unrest in our civil, social, and political spheres, I thought the video might be an appropriate experimental exploration for the times we lives in. Be on the look out for a short video preview this week, and the final piece next week.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Another great challenge: Renewal. It certainly can be seen and expressed in many forms. This piece is from “The City Series” and is entitled “Across The River The City That Sleeps With Dreams.” Both the city and our dreams can be a starting point to or a departure point from when finding the path to renewal. In my own experience; one of past substance abuse and present recovery, the city and leaving it was the impetus for renewal. I found a new way to dream. I may never return to the big city life, for now living in a rural setting with mountains, have given me a new lease on life. Next up for the challenge of renewal are mountains.

Post Canvas And Paint: Another Industrial World (A Future Lost Remix)

Outside my window, in the last industrial park, the remnants of dreams lost and a world decaying…

Another Industrial World

the industrial age has come and gone

a global feudal state awaits for the masses

– perhaps

but for now we can only look to a future unknown

as the structure of civilization unravels

Post Canvas And Paint: Another Parisian World (A 1990 Paris France Remix)

As I Stood on the Eiffel Tower and looked across the rooftops of Paris, I marveled at the world I had discovered…

Another Parisian World

What an eclectic moment, basking in timeless beauty, here above the City of Lights.

Post Canvas And Paint: Another Sleeping World (A On The Street Remix)

It was an early morning moment when I  awakened from my deep and troubled sleep…

Another Sleeping World

Post Canvas And Paint: Another Creative World (A On The Corner Remix)

On a corner, somewhere in my world, I can find a place … to embrace … imagination.

Another Creative World – On The Corner

It is here, in this world, in the experience that is my life, I find myself...


Images For Android Phones: The Abandoned House And The Darkness Of My Room

Images For Android Phones: The Abandoned House And The Darkness Of My Room

across the street
their memories abandoned
the years in view
slipping away
fading to and fro
weathered by the storms
and dreams
long since gone


The City Series: First Published Book

The City Series: First Published Book

I just received the first copy of my self-published book: n e w d i g i t a l s c a p e s – art for posts: the city series. It is a 20 page volume of art, prose and poetry. The print quality is very good. And I am pleased with the final product.