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into abstraction | form and impermanence | what memories and karma may come | a maps, mountains, and trails, remix

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The complexity of the impermanence that fosters ambiguity in our lives. Everything changes except a persistent memory.

your world beginning | a history before now

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Day 6 in the “Your World Beginning” series is entitled “A History Before Now.” This film has a more ambient feel to it than the previous “A Life of Contradictions and Disappearing Things. It is sparse in its visual content, while imploring some elements of poetic prose inspired by a fellow poet. It continues the theme of the exploration of daily life, with hints of ambiguity and historical musings as abstraction. Initially, when I created this series, I wanted it to be a distinct leap from my previous series entitled “Your World Disappearing,” giving birth to a new beginning. However, the emotional content that fueled the “Disappearing” series has slowly found its way into this series as well: ‘Everything changes except a persistent memory.’ To some degree, although everything is in constant flux–giving way to things disappearing and beginning simultaneously, there is an ambiguity and mundane existence to it all.


variations | a pattern of maps and trails

variations | while you were gone

without hesitation
i followed
my map
your trail
> to the point of dreaming

like the space in between there was no spring

we stood at the dock
a flock of colors
an anticipation in hand

with summer approaching …

with ghostly memories left behind we leave with summer approaching

we sail
the blue sea
on the edge of memory

with summer approaching ….

With Friends

Life in memory …
with friends
a cycle of instances
– Reggie
that touch the past
like fine strands of silk
– Bob
nothing is forgotten
alive in delicate remains
– Robert
moments really did happen
here with you
– Judy
in this life of memories
your bodies gone
– Frankie
found again in thought
visited through Spirit and Light
– Zina
your lives
my memories
together …
Friends Forever

There is a beauty in the inter-connectedness of life and experience. We remember friends who have passed away. Their spirit, their laughter, the things they shared with us … as if it was only yesterday.


Post Canvas and Paint: Variations | A New Morning


a new morning
with colors of possibilities
what will I find
that will bring me
peace of mind

lost just over the horizon
are the wishful memories
and waking realities
– life is
what life is


Another Winter: The Haunting Reality Of Things Lost

Another Winter: The Haunting Reality Of Things Lost

It’s there
Surrounding your every memory
The haunting reality of things lost


A Rewind: Skyfall

A Rewind: Skyfall

a deep moment
in blue
the sky falling
with you

New Landscapes: Winter – A Moment Alone

New Landscapes: Winter - A Moment Alone

simply beautiful
a solitary meditation
– a moment alone

New Landscapes: Winter – Departure Songs And Shattered Recordings

New Landscapes: Winter - Departure Songs And Shattered Recordings

Oh if it’s more than I should
It’s more than I ever could
If my heart needed you to stay
At the end of the day
Would you go

Oh my life’s story is so thin
Underneath this torn skin
Lost in the hardness
Of this bitter chill
– a Winter
With nothing more to fill

Oh it’s more than I ever should
– if only
I could

New Landscapes: Winter – Tape Loops And Departure Songs

New Landscapes: Winter - Tape Loops And Departure Songs

I just want to lie down
In the cold white snow
And listen
To the dreams
Come crashing down

I just want to sit down
In the bitter Winter snow
And listen
To the silence
Come screaming in

New Landscapes: Winter – A Wonderland Of Dreams With You

New Landscapes: Winter - A Wonderland Of Dreams With You

A dream lingering in fire
With the warm pulse
Of departure songs

A Winter of magic and loss
– gone
In a cold and deepening frost

a rewind: n e w d i g i t a l s c a p e s: the abstract series (and some thoughts on joy and expression)

A Rewind: N e w d i g i t a l s c a p e s: The Abstract Series (And Some Thoughts On Joy And Expression)

I recently published a small square, hard cover book of abstract digital art, poetry, and prose. What an exciting endeavor. The process was full of challenges, twists and turns (visually speaking), color, and contemplation. Many nights were spent with candles aflame, incense burning and music playing. In trying to find that inner connection, with all my experiences in life, I soon discovered the process that would motivate me unconditionally: Work with love. Work with intent. Art is a beautiful thing. Being in touch with the art of others is very inspiring and uplifting as well. As artists, writers, poets, and musicians we’ve come to love and appreciate the many vehicles for creative expression and community. Sharing our work is very important. Our blogs, books, exhibits, and performances are all vital in healing the soul of the planet. Our shared joys and tragedies find themselves being expressed and transformed via the beautiful and meaningful art that you and I create. Let us never forget, the significance of what we create, love and share.

New Landscapes: Winter – A Tape Recording Of Your Departure

New Landscapes: Winter - A Tape Recording Of Your Departure

we could fight
on a cold winter night
– with bitter kisses

New Landscapes: Winter – The Silent Season

New Landscapes: Winter - The Silent Season

I walk alone
– in silence
My footsteps left behind
Frozen in time

The snow painted path
Bathed – in silence
Your whispering voice
On the cold haunting wind

New Landscapes: Winter – The Hardness Of The Chill

New Landscapes: Winter - The Hardness Of The Chill

somewhere in my life
in my thoughts
in my past moments with …
i see your words
describe the way i feel
at this very moment …
– lost and abandoned
the hardness of the chill within
weathered by your storm

the screaming inside your memories
like the passion of war against the night
a broken obstacle …
to the building of your dreams
and the cold fears to come
never alone without this loss
and the hardness of the chill within


The Secret Place Of Lingering Memories

The Secret Place Of Lingering Memories

the life of memories
an endless vastness
– timeless
without world’s end
stretching beyond yesterday’s dream
and tomorrow’s infinite horizon

the life of memories
and its inner fortress
– the secret place


The Path To Grace And The Summit Of Ascension

The Path To Grace And The Summit Of Ascension

Last night
I had a dream
So deep
Forever freeing

Never a moment
Did I long for awareness
Of the waking world
Here on the path of Grace

As I ascended
Through the floating
Orbs of mystery
– past – time
And the Grace
That is You

Another Earth: Ferris Wheel

Just across the ocean, under a glistening sky, a new town, a turning place, one that we have yet to discover …

Another Earth: Ferris Wheel

there’s a happiness

come to earth

with its new birth

spinning lightly in the night sky

children play with their dreams

 – unaware

enchanted by the magic and loss

that has come to town

our every wishful moment

 – found here

on the Ferris Wheel of Life …


One of my favorite film soundtracks is BT’s Ferris Wheel – Love Theme from the film Monster starring Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci. A beautiful and haunting song. It hangs in the balance of love and life and its uncertainty.

Here is the link to Ferris Wheel – Love Theme


Another Earth: Bridge Over Water

If on a beautiful day at the beach, we could just bridge the gap between our dreams and our reality …

Another Earth: Bridge Over Water

I often find in the solace of nature’s tranquility, my mind, floating on the ocean waves, and soaring with the clouds above. Here my dreams drift. With untold stories of yearning. A forgotten moment here, an aspiration there. All together within me.

Perhaps gone and abandoned.

Until this very thought, this very day. On the beach. And now, fully free of life’s constraints, I walk across this bridge. A bridge over endless water … The internal ocean of desires.

the deep blue sea

floods my being

– with discovery

and perpetual longing

 – unfolding

Post Canvas And Paint: Another Meaningful World

Outside my window, in a virtuous world, there can only be … a willingness to let go.

Another Meaningful World

if every day

it meant something

–          to you

–          to the mirror in me

to protect the heart

even the whole of the world

would i hold my dying breath

to let it all go …

Post Canvas And Paint: Another Virtuous World (At A Crossroad Remix)

Outside my window, in a revealing moment, I see the choices of my life …

Another Virtuous World


with decisions we make

about to what we dream

to whom we should be

and what it means

–          to you

and to the mirror

that stands before me …

In The Reflection Of Waking Waterfalls And Sunny Days (A Photograph Of You Remix)

In the reflection of things experienced … life as we dream it …

the sun rose
like a jewel
in the morning mist
an image of beauty
 - shining 
like the sparkling
 - of a distant cascade
with falling water
and merging hearts ...