words and art by w a l t e r w s m i t h


into abstraction | form and impermanence | what memories and karma may come | a maps, mountains, and trails, remix

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The complexity of the impermanence that fosters ambiguity in our lives. Everything changes except a persistent memory.

your world beginning | a history before now

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Day 6 in the “Your World Beginning” series is entitled “A History Before Now.” This film has a more ambient feel to it than the previous “A Life of Contradictions and Disappearing Things. It is sparse in its visual content, while imploring some elements of poetic prose inspired by a fellow poet. It continues the theme of the exploration of daily life, with hints of ambiguity and historical musings as abstraction. Initially, when I created this series, I wanted it to be a distinct leap from my previous series entitled “Your World Disappearing,” giving birth to a new beginning. However, the emotional content that fueled the “Disappearing” series has slowly found its way into this series as well: ‘Everything changes except a persistent memory.’ To some degree, although everything is in constant flux–giving way to things disappearing and beginning simultaneously, there is an ambiguity and mundane existence to it all.


variations | a pattern of maps and trails

variations | while you were gone

without hesitation
i followed
my map
your trail
> to the point of dreaming

like the space in between there was no spring

we stood at the dock
a flock of colors
an anticipation in hand

with summer approaching …

with ghostly memories left behind we leave with summer approaching

we sail
the blue sea
on the edge of memory

with summer approaching ….

With Friends

Life in memory …
with friends
a cycle of instances
– Reggie
that touch the past
like fine strands of silk
– Bob
nothing is forgotten
alive in delicate remains
– Robert
moments really did happen
here with you
– Judy
in this life of memories
your bodies gone
– Frankie
found again in thought
visited through Spirit and Light
– Zina
your lives
my memories
together …
Friends Forever

There is a beauty in the inter-connectedness of life and experience. We remember friends who have passed away. Their spirit, their laughter, the things they shared with us … as if it was only yesterday.


Post Canvas and Paint: Variations | A New Morning


a new morning
with colors of possibilities
what will I find
that will bring me
peace of mind

lost just over the horizon
are the wishful memories
and waking realities
– life is
what life is


Another Winter: The Haunting Reality Of Things Lost

Another Winter: The Haunting Reality Of Things Lost

It’s there
Surrounding your every memory
The haunting reality of things lost


A Rewind: Skyfall

A Rewind: Skyfall

a deep moment
in blue
the sky falling
with you

New Landscapes: Winter – A Moment Alone

New Landscapes: Winter - A Moment Alone

simply beautiful
a solitary meditation
– a moment alone