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variations | a day in the life: hiking at Paris Mountain

variations | a day in the life: hiking at Paris Mountain

I just got the Galaxy Note II and I love the painting software included. For this “variations | a day in the life” series, I will be using either Paint Sketch or Picsart. I will not post daily, however I hope to explore elements such as architecture, objects, personal experiences all within the constructs of my personal vision. This series is the continuation of “images for Android phones” tag. 2013 has been a year of mostly new video work and the “variations” series. I am also in the final stages of completing my 200 page book of digital art. It too will focus on this year’s “variations” series. A book of poetry, prose, and imagery. With all this going on, and with work it has been difficult to keep up with everyone’s blog. Please accept my apology. I do appreciate all the support.


variations | savannah river walk ~ nancy


Post Canvas And Paint: Images For Android Phones 02

Post Canvas And Paint: Images For Android Phones 02

Self portrait in golden hues

Watching As The Family Photos Reveal … Memory (A Family Moment Remix)

Bringing the past into the present and going forward into the future….

Uncle Eddie and Aunt Marge

A portrait of family. My Uncle and my mother’s sister, our surviving elders…..