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images for android phones | a spiral inward | prelude to form and data


We can only be who we are, and at one point that has to be enough.

In delineated dreams, we search for that which is truly us. And find that we are only ourselves ….

Today I continued to work on my latest video piece entitled Into Abstraction | Form and Data. Hence, the mention of it as a prelude in this post. In the creative process there seems to be a continuing presence of form and the collection of data. Form and data that can be found in the complexity of thought, inspiration, and imagination. It propels us and shapes our day around it. Almost as if it has a will of its own. As it most certainly does: Shaping beauty from the shadows of our subconscious and giving light to our conscious ambitions, ideas, ambiguities, and dreams.


variations | into abstraction: hum, a bitter sweet song

variations | into abstraction: a thoughtful moment on the horizon

It came to me
like a flash
> i was,
… bound
with this thoughtful moment
of self reflection
and disappearance …
just beyond
the distant horizon

variations | into abstraction (a mirrored dream remix)

Seconds after awakening,
a mirrored moment
> my life
here and then

As we move through life, we think of friends and loved ones. Sometimes they visit us in our dreams. And seconds after awakening, we hold onto their presence … Last night I was in my grandmother’s home; Mrs. Aline Pearl Thorne, our beautiful, loving, family matriarch. Even now the dream slips from my consciousness, but the sound of her voice, and my joy in finding and embracing the familiar dinner dish she has prepared still lingers. I thought of a distant cousin, who had one time shared in this experience of family love. Distant we may be, but I can feel that across the continuum that is space and time, we share the same mirrored dream.


variations | into abstraction (a silent place remix)


variations | the beautiful things we see

variations | the view across the lake (a picture never completes the thought remix)

Sometimes, no matter the view, the picture never completes the thought.


variations | a day in the life: contemplation at the lake

variations | a day in the life: contemplation at the lake

A day at Lake Rabon.


variations | a day in the life: 12pm on Paris Mountain

variations | a day in the life: 12pm on Paris Mountain a

It’s a beautiful day here at the base of Paris Mountain. The elevation is 1,200 feet and I plan to climb to 1,400 feet. It may not sound like much but the climb is about 2 miles. And the gradient is pretty steep. The downhill fast and sweeping. Last week, I was on the trails, and now the road. I have my ipod and will be listening Bvdub’s new cd “Born in Tokyo.”


variations | aboard our vessel, our dreams afloat

variations | aboard our vessel, our dreams afloat

we stood together
> at sea
our dreams afloat