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your world disappearing | high definition video art


A short film of ambient minimalism. Exploring the theme of “through art I feel like subtracting” i.e. Memories fading, dreams ending and your world disappearing.
For High Definition viewing, please select 1080 HD in the setting tool icon.


variations | savannah river walk ~ nancy


New Landscapes: Fall In Fashion – Windbreaker

New Landscapes: Fall In Fashion - Windbreaker

This past summer; a beautiful discovery – a lovely beach of sand and surf; Tybee Island in Georgia near the historic City of Savannah. Now the warm rays of the sun and the hot, humid air has slowly turned crisp and cool as Autumn and Fall have arrived. A quaint bed and breakfast stay is in the conversation and beckons us to return. The prospect of long lingering walks on nearly deserted beaches entice our senses. What’s the in-wear for Fall walks on the beach? For me, it all starts with the perfect windbreaker; blue nylon cover with soft white cotton inner, and hoodie. You’re on the beach, so shorts are still in order, (no matter how chilled it is), graphic T, or striped polo, with low-top Chuck Taylors. For Nancy, it’s all about her wearing her favorite windbreaker (yellow) as well. She’s also in a light pink wool sweater, brown corduroy leggings and pink high-top Chucks. It’s a long lovely walk on the edge of the ocean. The azul blue sky with scattered white coulds surrounding our every step. Our conversation and laughter going hand in hand with the pulse of the day.

Images For HD Video: A Day At The Beach (A Tybee Island Remix)

A Tybee Beach remix…

Tybee Island is a small public beach located on the Atlantic Ocean near the Georgia/South Carolina border. It is just a few minutes away from historic Savannah GA.

A day on the beach, with sand and surf in hand.



Images For Android Phones: The Girl In The Summer Blue Dress

Images For Android Phones: The Girl In The Summer Blue Dress

The ocean flows in many ways, not unlike the wind swept beach and the girl with the summer blue dress. As the sun fades, and ends the day. She casts her weary dreams out to sea.


Images For Android Phones: Standing With The Fading Sun

Images For Android Phones: Standing With The Fading Sun

A photograph is never the end of a moment in time.


Images For Android Phones: Monday Afternoon

Images For Android Phones: Monday Afternoon

There is a classic ambient piece by Brian Eno entitled Thursday Afternoon. An one hour shimmering landscape in the style of Music For Airports. This piece Monday Afternoon was created on Tuesday night while listening to Pandora Radio on my Droid phone. Slowly revisiting the drive into Savannah, GA. And the crossing of this remarkable bridge. Beautiful Sunshine. Warm atmosphere. Cool wind. Simmering heat.


Images For Android Phones: Tybee Island 6.19.12

Images For Android Phones: Tybee Island 6.19.12

early morning
a slightly deserted
– beach
the sun has risen
ever so brightly
casting shadows
under umbrellas


Images For Android Phones: Tybee Beach 6.19.12

the sun floats
while the waves
– reflect
summer’s warmth
and beauty

caressing the day
– the sun floats
the waves flow
a sparkly trance
with wind and water