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Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

book 300 dpi

This week’s challenge “Forward” provides the perfect opportunity to post a preview of my upcoming book of digital art. This will be my second book I have published featuring digital art. The previous book, a small squared volume, featured abstract and surreal work. This second book will be a large 12″ x 12″ book of landscapes and abstract work. I am excited to feature my most recent work in this volume. I anticipate the book to be about 150 pages and will be published at Blurb Publishing. For the weekly challenge I am previewing the front and back cover.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss | Blowing Kisses

The idea of blowing a kiss is a thoughtful way of extending the beauty of love. In this photograph my two granddaughters, Mac-attack and Butterscotch, and my daughter Lady show their love with a bit fun.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Home | Is A Room With A View

For this room with a view, I thought a little abstract texture would hit the mark. This is the window in my bedroom.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Home | Is Where The Art Is

There is a path that will take you home, and when you arrive, it is a lovely thing to find art everywhere. This digitally remixed photograph is hanging in my bedroom. The piece is entitled “The Empty Space”.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique | The Louvre in Paris, France

louvre halftone

For me, the Louvre in Paris, France definitely spells unique. Here is the original photo I took in 1990 with some up to date remixes to give it some color. The museum itself is a unique and wonderful place to visit. Here, the newly designed pyramid, that is also the entrance to the museum, is under construction. It provides a distinctive and contemporary look to the historical structure of the museum. A must visit for anyone looking for that certain unique experience.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love | Give Love by MC Yogi (giving4living mix)

Keep the world spinning, do yoga, meditate, be conscious, live compassionately, and give LOVE …

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond | Cats and Dogs


I thought I would lighten up things a bit and post: Beyond | Cats and Dogs … Featuring from foreground to background … Thai-G, Lucy, Angel, and Little Baby. There is one other cat in the home not pictured, named Black and White.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond | Inner Space


Sometimes going “Beyond” is a reflection of who we are, and what we can discover about ourselves, when we take that important step inward to our quiet, inner, space.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond | Horizons


The Horizon. A view just beyond. We follow it to our dreams and aspirations. It gives us a place of peace. And projects meaning into our lives.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond | Design


Beyond imagination, are the creative designs in which we can find ourselves.

This theme is energetic, bold and fluid. A design onto itself.

Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 In Pictures | Places and ART


Savannah GA
Eastern Shore MD
Virginia Beach VA
Blue Ridge Mountains NC
Greenville SC
Tybee Island GA

art 1

Portrait of my Daughter Lady
We Say Good-Bye To Ourselves
The Silence Series: Chakra Colors For Meditation | ANAHATA (Green)
Everywhere I Looked the City Hosted the Old-Timey Bikes
A Tribute to the Family (A Full of Grace Remix)
Across the River the City that Sleeps with Dreams
Until You I Didn’t Feel Quite Finished

So many beautiful places and art to reflect on life in 2012.

Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 In Pictures | Grandchildren and Family


What a wonderful photo challenge this is to close out the year 2012. Highlights and special moments captured on film. This past Thanksgiving I was surrounded by loved ones. There were grandkids, my girlfriend, family, friends and the memory of my daughter Lady. My sister Patricia and her boyfriend Elbert, served dinner and were our hosts for a magnificent celebration of family. It was a rose of a day. Colorful, warm and joyous.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise


What a great surprise to find out that my grandson Aden is an artist. This picture rocks. Thanks for the inspiration Aden. See you soon.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate | Fading Roses

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate ~ Fading Roses

Beauty, in all its delicacy fades and re-emerges.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons | Departure

Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons | Departure

Songs for all seasons …
and arrival


Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons | Moments

Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons | Moments

Often a season is defined by the time of year, yet it can also bring us home. Home to a unique time in our lives. Where the joy of life blooms like Spring, fuels us like Summer, comforts us like Autumn, and brings loved one’s together like Winter.

Life in changing seasons.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons | Places

Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons | Places

It only takes a moment to be in a different place. In a different season.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons | Exploration

Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons | Explorations

a Winter of barren white frost
beautiful Spring in bloom
endless Summer with you
a mountain summit trail in Fall


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections | In The Reflection Of Waking Waterfalls And Sunny Days

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections | In The Reflection Of Waking Waterfalls And Sunny Days

In the reflection of things experienced … life as we dream it.

the sun rose
in the morning mist
an image of beauty
like the sparkling sound
a cascade of falling water


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections | Cats, Reflections, and Surrealism

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections | Cats, Reflections, and Surrealism

Some reflections can be found in nature: Elements of light, time, Spirit, and material compositions coming together to create moments of beauty. Then there are man-made reflections; designs, concepts, ideas, and digital manipulations, creating new ways of seeing a world in reflection. Here is an example of the latter: My cats, my design studio, and an idea that reflects my vision.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections | Slow Creek And Trees

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections / Slow Creek And Trees

I discovered this lovely creek while hiking at Barnwell State Park in South Carolina during my artist residency with the state parks. What an incredible reflection. You can feel the stillness.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection | Hidden Stream

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection / Hidden Stream

A Stream of Glass


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections | A Lake Forged In Digital Reflection

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection | A Lake Of Digital Reflection

An image that is part of my “Post Canvas and Paint” series. A surreal reflection of a lake in a place unknown. A reflective dream of ambiguity.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections | Summit

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections | Summit

A soft subtle reflection of the sky in a puddle of resting water. After hiking to the summit of Grandfather Mountain, and crossing the gorge via the Mile High Bridge, I was treated to this beautiful view. What a lovely reflection.