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into abstraction | form and data | on the edge of everything there is | a moment in time we can never bring back


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There is so much one can say about the possibilities inherent in the creative process. Do we move definitely in a pre-determined direction (unwavering, specific in structure), or allow our intuition (and the tool itself (in my case, the computer)) to guide us. Perhaps a little bit of both. Creating contradictions, beauty, and ambiguities along the way: Magic and Lost while searching through memories. Finding that time does not stand still at all, but evolve and return. A returning ecstasy. And so does a work of art. And so to the recollection inherent to its evolution. My video work is a collection of memories, images, and sounds, purposefully or unconsciously contradicting and re-inventing themselves. Disintegrating into loops of color, texture, movement, geometric form, data, time, and space. I want my work to reflect our internal and external existence; to visually and musically create a sense of things happening all at once.

images for android phones | a portrait in reflection


A Portrait In Reflection continues my focus on images created with Picsart software on an Android phone platform.

images for android phones | a spiral inward | prelude to form and data


We can only be who we are, and at one point that has to be enough.

In delineated dreams, we search for that which is truly us. And find that we are only ourselves ….

Today I continued to work on my latest video piece entitled Into Abstraction | Form and Data. Hence, the mention of it as a prelude in this post. In the creative process there seems to be a continuing presence of form and the collection of data. Form and data that can be found in the complexity of thought, inspiration, and imagination. It propels us and shapes our day around it. Almost as if it has a will of its own. As it most certainly does: Shaping beauty from the shadows of our subconscious and giving light to our conscious ambitions, ideas, ambiguities, and dreams.

images for android phones | lake, pier, and spiral


A day like no other.

Lake Rabon, South Carolina.

images for android phones 2015 | a new discovery

PicsArt_1439333632262 It was a beautiful day, to discover something new at the Cape Fear Botanical Garden in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Just Beyond the Forest Curtain. A ” large-scale whirling, animated Stickwork sculpture by Patrick Dougherty”. The Maple and sweet gum saplings were created by cutting, collecting and the stripping of their leaves, then woven together to construct  what can only be thought of as a beautiful addition to the garden. It was quite mesmerizing to walk through this maze of organic forms—floating in its visual complexity.

images for android phones 2015 | sunday afternoon

the beauty in a place

In a moment of ambient bliss; blue skies, green grass, and textured hues … a beautiful Sunday Afternoon

Falls Park, Greenville, South Carolina

images for android phones 2015 | in a place of history and gardens


A brief reprieve from my video series Into Abstraction. A return to a previous series entitled Images for Android Phones.

A strong influence for the style of imagery in this series is the watercolor and cartoon style of painting and drawing very fashionable in the new wave of Ambient and J-Pop music/art from Japan. With an almost child-like and mythical presence, the art is a captured moment in time. Unlike my time-consuming and in-depth compositional constructs of my recent video and audio work, these new digital works are simplistic and created with just minor effects. They are quickly composed, using as the title suggests, my Android phone. The software I will be using to compose each piece is PicsArt. A well designed software with an ever-increasing array of effects and updates to supplement the vision of any phone artist. This first offering is done with a watercolor effect, and the original photograph was taken at the Cape Fear Botanical Garden in Fayetteville, North Carolina during its 25th anniversary and features a very happy Elly P.

into abstraction | form and place | holding our absence | a returning ecstasy


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“Into Abstraction | Form and Place” continues my exploration of various forms that manifest elements of the surreal, abstract and memory attachments. The piece structure is centered around a time-lapsed progression. It moves from a visual kinetic movement to a slower more meditative movement. The electronic sound scape mirrors this movement with several layers of organic and industrial sounds centered around a continuous ambient drone. Within this complex musical structure, different distinct modalities emerge. And after several minutes of frenetic movement, the sound structure slowly washes away (with ocean waves) into a quieter more delineated infused drone. In each new video in the series “Into Abstraction”, I am attempting to find new ways of manipulating the film software. This process is very satisfying because the possibilities seem endless.

I have been working on this piece for several weeks. And over that time, I found myself contemplating many aspects of my life, as I often do, and searching for visual parallels that may compliment the emotional context of the moment. As in most of my work, I find that I repeat and remix many of my images, sounds, thoughts, and voices. Sometimes I wonder if the emotional connections of the past and the present ever change at all, or just evolve into the future: Evolve into the continuum which is the work. Evolve Into Abstraction, where form and void, form and memories, form and mutation, form and impermanence, form and dreams and form and place become one. Art has a way of giving us a moment of clarity, but does not necessarily save. Our work at times can reveal the life that lives in shadows. But may never quite give us the answers we seek to sustain us. So we are driven to go at it as if there were no history before now.

into abstraction | form and dreams | across the river the city that sleeps with dreams | your world disappearing, a world apart remix

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My latest video in the “Into Abstraction” series, infuses elements of surrealism and is a remix of several images from previous series. The piece also continues the evolving elements of recent images and the examination of memory attachments and the evolution of ambiguity in the psyche. The central theme is dreams; their possessive sensitivity, longing, and their magic and lost. Musically, I have moved away from the “glitch” forms of previous soundtracks in the series, and focused on a more ambient “drone” sound. Again, the complexity of sound is balanced and created with small nuances of processing. Most notably the use of various resonance and pitch, filters, reverb, and overall tonal control.

into abstraction | form and impermanence | what memories and karma may come | a maps, mountains, and trails, remix

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The complexity of the impermanence that fosters ambiguity in our lives. Everything changes except a persistent memory.


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