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the interior rooms and the endless distance


A reflection of moments in time. Our interior rooms with the persistence of place and memory; beautiful and alarming, from past to present. And from attachment to freedom, we give thanks for the smallest of things such as breath and the endless distance.

images for android phones | a portrait in reflection


A Portrait In Reflection continues my focus on images created with Picsart software on an Android phone platform.

images for android phones | a spiral inward | prelude to form and data


We can only be who we are, and at one point that has to be enough.

In delineated dreams, we search for that which is truly us. And find that we are only ourselves ….

Today I continued to work on my latest video piece entitled Into Abstraction | Form and Data. Hence, the mention of it as a prelude in this post. In the creative process there seems to be a continuing presence of form and the collection of data. Form and data that can be found in the complexity of thought, inspiration, and imagination. It propels us and shapes our day around it. Almost as if it has a will of its own. As it most certainly does: Shaping beauty from the shadows of our subconscious and giving light to our conscious ambitions, ideas, ambiguities, and dreams.

your world beginning | interstellar: the gravity of love

interstellar the gravity of love

One of the more compelling elements of the film Interstellar is the idea of love transcending both time and space; the ghost that haunts our perception, memories and longings is the love that is ever-present. I felt a very strong connection to this moment in the film as the multidimensional visual construct envelopes the theme of love; emerging from the shadows making it wondrous and transparent. In my own interpretation of this moment I try to bring together the expanse of space, the linear elements of multiple dimensions, and the shadows of perception. One layer in the image contains elements from the piece “In a Place of Subtle Things”(see the post prior to this series). This layer, with its figurative self portraits being immersed in the shadows, represent a somewhat ambiguous connection. And unlike our connection to our one true love or the many loves of an eternal lifetime, they at times seem to remain just beyond our reach. But as the film proposes, love can exist for the duration of timelessness, simultaneously in the past, present, and future.

Like a beautiful diamond that will last forever.

Your World Beginning | Interstellar: The Gravity of Love

your world beginning | transcending the mundane – day 1 – video art HD

On the edge of everything beginning … the further away we are, the closer the moment. Waking, dreaming and making pasta.

traveling without moving | your world beginning – video art HD

“Traveling Without Moving,” is the bridge between the past and the future i.e. “Your World Disappearing” and “Your World Beginning.” A video self-portrait that is a visual journey of memories, delineated thoughts, dreams and aspirations. There is a slight contradiction at work here. The body is in motion in time, and the mind is still; the painful past and uncertain future struggle against the stillness of being present in this time and space i.e. traveling in the present moment.


outside my window, i made the journey into my own reflection

outside my window | i made the journey into my own reflection

i thought I knew
what was there
without you


Another Winter: On The Beach

Another Winter: On The Beach

2012 in passing
Cold morning winds and breaking waves;
Virginia Beach and the memories behind us


The Digital Painting I Found Myself In

The Digital Painting I Found Myself In

A portrait reveals a moment in time that can express a lifetime of mystery. In a photograph or painting, the artist seeks to find the deeper essence of the subject and reveal the inner persona via the constructs of light, texture, imagination and form. In a portrait there is always something to say and something we would like to know.

Post Canvas And Paint: Another Fading World (A Deeper Understanding Remix)

Outside my window, I find that some things are without understanding…

Another Fading World

It is a complicated world in which we live. It appears as one thing, yet emerges as another…

- destructive
- futile

A world fading and in conflict with itself….

Post Canvas And Paint: Another Unknown World (A Thought Beyond Remix)

Outside my window and with every thought, I discovered the color and design of things unknown…

Another Unknown World

The colors are all in front of me and my world will never collapse from within…


Images For Android Phones: Beach Self Portrait 6.19.12

Images For Android Phones: Beach Self Portrait 6.19.12

A Tybee Island beach remix 2012


Images For Android Phones: Every Pop-Art Moment Needs A Self Portrait

Images For Android Phones: Every Pop-Art Moment Needs A Self Portrait

It’s so sixties hitting the beach. Sunrise, ocean, girls and guys. Bright colors, water ice and boardwalks. Bikinis. Everything’s pop. Everything’s art. On the pier, it’s Andy Warhol. With the Beach Boys surfing, and free love everywhere. And you know … it’s soon to be groovy. With guest appearances by Frankie Avalon, The Beatles, my favorite cousin, Godzilla and Twiggy. And now … It feels like yesterday as I move into Warrior pose and Sun Salutation. Power to the people.

All I Ask Is That I Am Allowed To Have A Voice

The beauty of art in all its various disciplines is the formulation of ideas. At the core of those ideas is a social, historical, political, and creative construct that merges our identity with our life experience.

All I ask is that I am allowed to have a voice….

I have a voice ... I have hope ... I have you to listen

why do i have a voice

is it to liberate




bring together the gathering of




do I dance to give voice

paint to give voice

act to give voice

react to give voice

how am i heard


and tell me


your voice whispers to me….

Tell me what your voice means to you. How do you express and connect with the inner longing of your dreams; the ideas that keep you up at night; the need to share something, everything with everyone you meet?

This post is inspired by the voice of Bill T. Jones / Choreographer, Dancer and Artistic Director

Share your voice….

Weekly Photo Challenge: Colorful

To be wrong I could be right

I thought that since this challenge was about things that are colorful, I would revisit some early digital work. Most of my early work were digital drawings using DigiPaint software. All of the work from this period could be seen as highly colorful and opague in its composition. This piece entitled “To be Wrong I could be Right” is the very first digital drawing I ever did. It was created in 1985.

Into the Blue Imagination

Into the blue imagination / A Self Portrait

After working for a few hours on the digital collage for this post
entitled “Into the Blue Imagination”, I finally embraced its finality. It took some
patience, experimentation and moments of trial and error so to speak, to feel
totally satisfied.  Immediately after the completion of the piece, and while meditating
on its content, I found myself asking the question, what exactly in the name of art have I produced?

Sometimes you find the meaning to a work of art that
you created only after it is completed. During the process of creating there is
a desire to control its outcome. We as artists, at times want to have it all so
neatly packaged. We like to think that our pre-determined concepts and their
fulfillment in the piece is what make it successful. However, we also realize
there can be beauty in the unknown and an exhilarating joy in discovering it.

In reference to the joy of discovering the unknown, and simultaneously feeling complete, let me make
this observation….

The last element incorporated into the piece is the
portrait of me. It is a photograph taken over a decade ago when I had
dreadlocks. I am also facing the portrait as the shadowy figure in black. I am observing myself. This
prompted the question, what do we discover when we face ourselves? What do we see?

I did not attempt to instill any answers to this
question in this particular piece. How could I? The piece as I stated was
complete. The question, “what do we discover when we face ourselves” and the
possible answer or answers will have to wait until another time.

In conclusion….

Sometimes that is all that art is; a question that begs an answer, or our imagination seeking clarity.

Like a work of art, are you sometimes complete, even though there are questions to be answered?