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Digital Collage


Images For Android Phones: The Dark Outside My Window

Images For Android Phones: The Dark Outside My Window

the film ends
no longer a starring role
outside my window
the darkness
is collecting its toll

are you there
feeling it’s unfair
– our lost
you have to bare

sitting there
– with empty seats
ending dreams

no starring role

just the things
we sometimes fear…


Images For Android Phones: A Light At The End Of The Hallway

Images For Android Phones: A Light At The End Of The Hallway

the film rolls
in secrets
with shadows
taking their toll

a light
with no day
in dark corners
in which to play

– afraid

at the end
of the hallway


Images For Android Phones: Views From A Bike – 06

Images For Android Phones: Views From A Bike - 06

a bridge
suspended above
tall and magnificent
in awe

i stand below
my bike and I
in the flow …


Images For Android Phones: Design

Images For Android Phones: Design

Is it an ARP synth, or a very tall building?

I Really Want To Meet Your Sensitivity With Compassion And Love (A Hit The Mark Remix)

In a moment, my only desire is to meet your sensitivity with my thoughtfulness and longing….

Being centered with you

They tell me that love and compassion is a journey without measure….

Not unlike an arrow whose flight is true….

Every Artist Deserves A Look Back (A “Best Of” Remix)

This has been a fantastic weekend. I am the featured artist at the dVerse poets pub. Many of the poets that participate and share their poems have given me a lot of positive response. And I certainly do appreciate it. It is motivating and inspirational. Late last night, it came to me that I should share some of my most popular posts. I have only been blogging for 13 months, and have explored a host of themes, concepts and ideas. Below you will find links to the 5 most popular posts so far. They were determined by the number of comments and likes by my readers. I have included thumbnails of each image in the posts. They are in the order of their popularity.


To the right side of my design (a force of nature remix)


Weekly photo challenge - between


The silence series: urban meditation


The path to everlasting consciousness and love (a yellow brick road remix)


We are the everlasting consciousness (a centered moment remix)


The Silence Series: Chakra Colors For Meditation – Manipura (Yellow)

Moving through the moments in life we are empowered by … All That Is….

It is important to maintain your attention on your breath as you move into the energy surrounding the third chakra. Bring your focus to the area above the naval and envisioned the rich hue of yellow. This is the solar plexus chakra known as Manipura, the place of the shining jewel. This area governs how you digest your life, and focuses on empowering your life, and fostering confidence in meeting ones aspirations and intentions. When blocked one has a feeling of frustration, anger and digestive unease. The third chakra controls the liver, stomach, gall bladder, spleen and relates to the sense of light.

Bring your attention to the color yellow and let go of all of your frustrations and fears. Feel the energy propel you, transforming negative and unwanted emotions into positive and life affirming possibilities.

Breathe in the color yellow and repeat the mantra … Ram … Ram … Ram….


Breathe in the color yellow

The Silence Series: Chakra Colors For Meditation – Muladhara (Red)

Our Mind, Body and Spirit is of one Source …  All That Is….

Over the next week, I will be working on a series that will be revolving around the beautiful spiritual essence of the various chakras. And how through a meditation practice we can access their vital energy for harmony and healing. I am going to post each chakra individually, as I build towards a concluding series of all seven chakras. As I progress I will be making different visual versions of each chakra. In the end, I will choose seven that I believe have the greatest continuity as a whole for a meditation practice.

Each chakra represents a core dimension of human life.

First up is the Muladhara (Sanskirt) chakra. It’s color is Red and its sound is Lam. This chakra is associated with basic survival skills. It affects the skeleton, lymph, and elimination elements of the body. The sensory component associated with it is the sense of smell. It is in this chakra center that we are released from uncertainity.

When beginning a meditation practice, it is good to be in a relaxed position. Make sure you are comfortable and have your eyes closed. Quiet your breathing by focusing your attention on your in-breath and out-breath. Then bring your awareness to the first chakra at the base of the spine. Bring your attention to this energy center and visualize the color of deep red and begin to repeat the mantra Lam … Lam … Lam.


The Path To Everlasting Consciousness And Love (A Yellow Brick Road Remix)

The obstacles we find on the path to Everlasting Consciousness….

The road we travel is often paved with the things that stand in our way.

as I started my journey….

i looked

to the memories behind me

– only once

as i walked along the path

i remembered

the things I’ve forgotten

– only yesterday

as you join me

i embrace

what we share together

– only forever

on the path to Everlasting Love….

When We Look Skyward An Everlasting Consciousness (A Sky And Earth Remix)

Sometimes I feel as if the universe is not beyond my reach….

A hidden name found in earth and sky

art as improvisation


a hidden name –


the universe within….