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Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

book 300 dpi

This week’s challenge “Forward” provides the perfect opportunity to post a preview of my upcoming book of digital art. This will be my second book I have published featuring digital art. The previous book, a small squared volume, featured abstract and surreal work. This second book will be a large 12″ x 12″ book of landscapes and abstract work. I am excited to feature my most recent work in this volume. I anticipate the book to be about 150 pages and will be published at Blurb Publishing. For the weekly challenge I am previewing the front and back cover.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss | Blowing Kisses

The idea of blowing a kiss is a thoughtful way of extending the beauty of love. In this photograph my two granddaughters, Mac-attack and Butterscotch, and my daughter Lady show their love with a bit fun.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Home | Is A Room With A View

For this room with a view, I thought a little abstract texture would hit the mark. This is the window in my bedroom.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Home | Is Where The Art Is

There is a path that will take you home, and when you arrive, it is a lovely thing to find art everywhere. This digitally remixed photograph is hanging in my bedroom. The piece is entitled “The Empty Space”.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique | The Louvre in Paris, France

louvre halftone

For me, the Louvre in Paris, France definitely spells unique. Here is the original photo I took in 1990 with some up to date remixes to give it some color. The museum itself is a unique and wonderful place to visit. Here, the newly designed pyramid, that is also the entrance to the museum, is under construction. It provides a distinctive and contemporary look to the historical structure of the museum. A must visit for anyone looking for that certain unique experience.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love | Give Love by MC Yogi (giving4living mix)

Keep the world spinning, do yoga, meditate, be conscious, live compassionately, and give LOVE …

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love | Ashes to Sea

Here is a link to an older post from June 2011. In 1997 friends and I spent a week in Barbados. It was during the Sugar Crop Over Festival. A weekend long celebration, that in of itself represented Love. I will post this part of the challenge later.

But for this post, I am focusing on Love as a ceremony. A going away celebration of a loved one.

In creating this series entitled Impressions In Barbados, I was interested in mimicking the style of the impressionistic painters. Hence the title. I hope you will enjoy my look at Love.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond | Cats and Dogs


I thought I would lighten up things a bit and post: Beyond | Cats and Dogs … Featuring from foreground to background … Thai-G, Lucy, Angel, and Little Baby. There is one other cat in the home not pictured, named Black and White.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond | Inner Space


Sometimes going “Beyond” is a reflection of who we are, and what we can discover about ourselves, when we take that important step inward to our quiet, inner, space.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond | Horizons


The Horizon. A view just beyond. We follow it to our dreams and aspirations. It gives us a place of peace. And projects meaning into our lives.