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outside my window, i made the journey into my own reflection

outside my window | i made the journey into my own reflection

i thought I knew
what was there
without you


variations | in solitary dreams

With every desire renewed, there is a solitary dream that finds us …

experiment: set the controls | video art

My second video in the “Experiment” series is entitled “Set the Controls”. I worked on the formatting of the video over the last few days. Working mostly at night, I felt driven by the quiet solitude to create noise and kinetic energy visually and with sound. The video itself is a collection of clips from older videos (The Whipping Machine, The World Spins Black | White, Island – Water – Bridge) and new imagery from this past summer vacationing at Virgina Beach. Again, the theme centers around the ideas relating to the Futurism movement of the early 20th century: Modernization, Ambiguity. Complexity. And the fear of things getting out of control. In my work, I like the thought of creating images that juxtapose and provide tension to one another. All the while the soundscapes of cold wind and a distant jack hammer push the tension even further until it climaxes with an atomic blast and a requiem of church bells.

experiment 1:23 2.18.13 | video art

I have begun experimenting with the Avid Studio software. As I move through this experimental process, I would like the work to be influenced by several movements of the Avant-Garde. I am especially fond of the early film works of Salvador Dali, and the exploration of Surrealism, Futurism, and Dadaism. Dada can be defined as: “A European (France, Germany, Switzerland) artistic and literary movement (1916-1923) that flouted conventional aesthetic and cultural values by producing works marked by nonsense, travesty, and incongruity. It is a nihilistic art movement, found mostly in painting, but also explored in film and was based on irrationality; and negation of the accepted laws of beauty”. Futurism is defined as an “artistic movement originating in Italy around 1910 whose aim was to express the energetic, dynamic and violent quality of contemporary life, especially as embodied in the motion and force of modern machinery”. And last but not least, one of my favorite art movements is Surrealism, It has for many years, been a strong influence on the direction of my art. Surrealism is defined as: “A 20th century literary and artistic movement that attempts to express the workings of the subconscious and is characterized by fantastic imagery and incongruous juxtaposition of subject matter”. It should be an exciting process as I remixed old and new work with this in mind.

The Drive Home After Seeing You For The First Time

The drive home after seeing you for the first time; lingers like the sweet dark night…

in a moment
just like this
your kiss …

– my angel

I had to include this song from Trespassers Williams. They are one of my favorite Dream Pop bands. While working on the image for this post, I downloaded their latest and last album entitled “Cast” (2012). A 2 cd set of past hits and new songs. Wonderfully crafted. Emotional as always, Trespassers Williams takes us again, to that place of love and longing. This track stood out for me and was a strong influence to the creative process for the piece. I highly recommend you listen to the song while drifting along the highway of your own dreams and memories.

When You Left … Even The North Star Could Not Guide Me Home


art and thoughts remixed | an abstraction of historical things – the world under the heavens | dec 1988

art and thoughts remixed | an abstraction of historical things - the world under the heavens | dec 1988

the meetings are now on Sunday @ 1pm
yesterday we took group photos for the press release
– created postcards and graphics
talked and organized

back in October
we went to the American Music Theater Festival
you and i
to see 1000 Airplanes on the Roof
a science fiction music drama

it felt like the duration of timelessness
here in the empty space
a long time after
the things never remembered
your art, my art,
has always had its own history
– lost in stolen innocence
in this world
under the heavens


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections | Cats, Reflections, and Surrealism

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections | Cats, Reflections, and Surrealism

Some reflections can be found in nature: Elements of light, time, Spirit, and material compositions coming together to create moments of beauty. Then there are man-made reflections; designs, concepts, ideas, and digital manipulations, creating new ways of seeing a world in reflection. Here is an example of the latter: My cats, my design studio, and an idea that reflects my vision.

Another Earth: Ferris Wheel

Just across the ocean, under a glistening sky, a new town, a turning place, one that we have yet to discover …

Another Earth: Ferris Wheel

there’s a happiness

come to earth

with its new birth

spinning lightly in the night sky

children play with their dreams

 – unaware

enchanted by the magic and loss

that has come to town

our every wishful moment

 – found here

on the Ferris Wheel of Life …


One of my favorite film soundtracks is BT’s Ferris Wheel – Love Theme from the film Monster starring Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci. A beautiful and haunting song. It hangs in the balance of love and life and its uncertainty.

Here is the link to Ferris Wheel – Love Theme


Another Earth: The Transcending Dream

You touched me with your thoughts as I felt your dreams float away …

Another Earth: The Transcending Dream

in a dream

another earth …