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variations | if only you could remember the stars at night

you held my hand
as the stars fell
and our hearts collided

variations | a night with your heart by my side

Your hair caressed,
by the leaves of the trees
my voice in the night called,
and your heart fell from the sky ….

it’s darkest when the same day arrives again

a darkness
that sheds no light
always fails to transform
the night

This image as part of my Post Canvas and Paint Variations Series, as become one of my favorite. I have used it in several posts with various tones and forms of abstraction in its composition. For me, it always retains a wonderful feeling of mystery.

if the stars speak softly tonight

When you think of me at night do you hear the stars speak softly …

The Drive Home After Seeing You For The First Time

The drive home after seeing you for the first time; lingers like the sweet dark night…

in a moment
just like this
your kiss …

– my angel

I had to include this song from Trespassers Williams. They are one of my favorite Dream Pop bands. While working on the image for this post, I downloaded their latest and last album entitled “Cast” (2012). A 2 cd set of past hits and new songs. Wonderfully crafted. Emotional as always, Trespassers Williams takes us again, to that place of love and longing. This track stood out for me and was a strong influence to the creative process for the piece. I highly recommend you listen to the song while drifting along the highway of your own dreams and memories.

The Night Outside My Window

Lightly textured dreams
intoxicating the night
alive … in stillness

New Landscapes: Winter – The Reflective Frost Of The Heart At Night

New Landscapes: Winter - The Reflective Frost Of The Heart at Night

In the dark of night
On the edge of sky
A bitter frost

Images For HD Video: The Night Outside Your Dream (A Blue Moment Remix)

Second in the series of “chance” recordings …

http://youtu.be/Wdrl6O_H1uE   –  Copyright 2012  Walter W Smith

the night

- blue

with restless dreams

– isolated

in scattered refuge

in sudden refrain

 – through the darkest storm

“I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart so long. If we’re in each other’s dreams, we can be together all the time.” – Calvin & Hobbs


Images For Android Phones: Flow Goes The Night (A Being There Remix)

Images For Android Phones: Flow Goes The Night (A Being There Remix)

A late night drive. Alone. Afraid. One last stop. The next to last exit. The very next turn. Into the dark of yesterday. Leaving the light of knowing behind. Only to find the last stop had no answers to sell.

As We Approached The Ferry A Different Kind Of Night

It was the dark of night and the silhouette of the ferry consumed me….

From the dock I looked out beyond the thoughts that anchored my dreams

a soft glow

on the sands below

this night


– different

I found myself again….

A Night Of A Different Kind (A Turning The Page On Yesterday Remix)

A beautiful night of memories … always seem different in kind….

You bring back memories

at night…

we share a place

away from everyone


at night

we embrace something

in each other


at night

the moon rises

in our hearts


Everlasting Light with


– in a different kind of night….