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your world beginning | to the distant fir tree

to the distant fir tree

toward a place of subtle things
through fallen leaves
and barren trees
with maps and moments
along the mountain ridge …

Departure Days | Fall In Play

This is a morning workout and practice run on a lake under construction in my home town of Gray Court, SC. This was my first exploration of this terrain. Keeping it simple. A mix of soft and hard ground. Lots of rocks, making for a lot vibration moving through the body (I actually injured my left forearm from a violent vibration sustained while descending one of the slopes). It has taken a few months for it to heal. But I love the locale it looks and feels other-worldly. And being that it is less than 5 minutes away from my home, it provides a nice work out in preparation for the mountain trails. Music by glitch master Alva Noto. The video itself has little processing and no editing.

New Landscapes: Fall In Play 05 – Loop

New Landscapes: Fall In Play 05 - Loop

One of the more exciting elements of mountain biking is going around in circles. Yes, the loop. Four miles. Eight miles. Sixteen miles. Ascending then descending. Round and round. Flashing by beautiful vistas; man-made lakes, mountain summits, and ridges. All swirling by your mind’s eye, without pause to the rewind. Let’s play on a Fall day … the loop de loop.

New Landscapes: Fall In Play 03 – Pause

New Landscapes: Fall In Play 03 - Pause

After an hour of exploring the various ups and downs of the terrain, Nancy feels the need for a pause in play. Taking a moment to catch her breath and letting the beauty of the day sink it. Autumn has a way of bringing moments to a standstill. Allowing us to embrace a much-needed connection with ourselves. Its transformational essence can stimulate our senses and bring joy to our lives. Let’s pause in play and fall in love with the day.


New Landscapes: Fall In Fashion – Cardigan Sweater

New Landscapes: Fall In Fashion - Cardigan Sweater

It’s Fall season in New York City. My girl, Nancy and I are heading to the Sunday afternoon matinée at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The Next Wave Festival is in full swing until January. And we are very excited to see the work of Pina Bausch, and the legendary dance theater pioneer’s final work entitled “… como el musguito en la piedra, ay si, si, si …” performed by her dance company the Tanztheater Wuppertal and inspired by the distinctive musical and cultural traditions of Chile.

A Sunday matinée in Autumn, in NYC definitely calls for a relaxed yet stylish Fall look. That’s why I’m wearing a gray cardigan sweater over a blue fitted button-up shirt with a striped blue and white wool tie, Gap original 1969 jeans, and kicks by Converse. My girl … she’s fine too. Relentlessy fine. It’s Fall. It’s New York City.


New Landscapes: Fall In Season

New Landscapes: Fall In Season

a life is beautiful
when it’s warmth and memory
takes you back
to the place where all this started
this love of life
this meaningful pulse
colored in nature’s heaven

Maggie Valley, North Carolina


New Landscapes: Fall In Motion

New Lanscapes: Fall In Motion

The leaves will soon be changing
Falling on unyielding trails
The air crisp and chilled
Sweeping through barren trees
And the lightly falling snow

Fall on the mountain –
Our bikes in fluid motion


New Landscapes: Fall In Abstract – Flight

New Landscapes: Fall In Abstract - Flight

a dragonfly in flight
– in May
on summer’s wispy wind
taking hold of the endless day

the warmth in subtle greens and blues
now twilight in Fall’s approach


New Landscapes: Fall From Summer

New Landscapes: Fall From Summer

Gotta find my way back
– home
Gotta find a road
To bring me back soon
To you

A beautiful journey
From Summer
To a far-off horizon
– in Fall


New Landscapes: Fall In Reflection – Part 02

New Landscapes: Fall In Reflection - Part 02

Part 2 of Fall In Reflection. A Compositional change in form; moving toward subtle abstraction.


New Landscapes: Fall In Reflection – Part 01

New Landscapes: Fall In Reflection - Part 01

This short series entitled “Fall” is a collection of recent photographs taken with my Android phone during the summer months. What I am attempting to accomplish is a slight transition to the beauty of the Fall season by implementing various color, textural, and tonal changes. Embracing a new landscape; anticipating the coming season that we all have come to love.