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A Beautiful Time Gone, Is Like A Moment That Never Happened

Sometimes there is a beautiful journey just waiting to happen….

Searching for the ferry on the docks

A journey has its moments. A beginning, a middle, and an end. Sometimes it is a physical journey, but most often it is one of internal longing and desire. A journey of memories. It is a beginning where we once believed in something, someone or someplace. Then perhaps a middle, when while living in the present moment, we believed time stood still, and there was no tomorrow. Or perhaps a tomorrow we could come to love. And then there is the end. An ending. A final moment. Magic and lost, beauty and longing for what was. The memory of beautiful times gone, like the fleeing of dreams in the waking of a new day.

I often see things through the spectrum of my experiences, while questioning the meaning of it all. But desiring to have no grounded answer to mislead me.

Sometimes in our awareness the journey has long since come to an end….

Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance

Here is a shot I took when I was in Paris. It is Nord, the central train station. I just love the architecture of this beautiful building. The entrance is directly below.

The Paris central train station NORD