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variations | seconds from a waking sunrise with you

variations | seconds from a waking sunrise with you

full of reflection
the rising sun,
and your thoughts
just beyond
> waking in seconds


Post Canvas and Paint: Variations | Last Train To The Beach

Post Canvas And Paint: Variations ~ Last Train To The Beach

years ago
it felt like yesterday
the last train to the beach


New Landscapes: Fall In Fashion – Windbreaker

New Landscapes: Fall In Fashion - Windbreaker

This past summer; a beautiful discovery – a lovely beach of sand and surf; Tybee Island in Georgia near the historic City of Savannah. Now the warm rays of the sun and the hot, humid air has slowly turned crisp and cool as Autumn and Fall have arrived. A quaint bed and breakfast stay is in the conversation and beckons us to return. The prospect of long lingering walks on nearly deserted beaches entice our senses. What’s the in-wear for Fall walks on the beach? For me, it all starts with the perfect windbreaker; blue nylon cover with soft white cotton inner, and hoodie. You’re on the beach, so shorts are still in order, (no matter how chilled it is), graphic T, or striped polo, with low-top Chuck Taylors. For Nancy, it’s all about her wearing her favorite windbreaker (yellow) as well. She’s also in a light pink wool sweater, brown corduroy leggings and pink high-top Chucks. It’s a long lovely walk on the edge of the ocean. The azul blue sky with scattered white coulds surrounding our every step. Our conversation and laughter going hand in hand with the pulse of the day.


What You Know To Be Right Is What Someone Has Told You

What You Know To Be Right Is What Someone Has Told You

on a quiet shore
a solitary figure
not unlike yourself
shattered by the day
delineated by the question
of rights and wrongs
in life …
again and again


Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

I took this shot at Virginia Beach. A leisure kind of day. As we go through life, we sometimes need a ‘break’ from everyday life.

Another Earth: Bridge Over Water

If on a beautiful day at the beach, we could just bridge the gap between our dreams and our reality …

Another Earth: Bridge Over Water

I often find in the solace of nature’s tranquility, my mind, floating on the ocean waves, and soaring with the clouds above. Here my dreams drift. With untold stories of yearning. A forgotten moment here, an aspiration there. All together within me.

Perhaps gone and abandoned.

Until this very thought, this very day. On the beach. And now, fully free of life’s constraints, I walk across this bridge. A bridge over endless water … The internal ocean of desires.

the deep blue sea

floods my being

– with discovery

and perpetual longing

 – unfolding

Another Earth: Girl On The Beach

A moment of drifting waves and splashing sky, with the colors of thing to come …

Another Earth: Girl On The Beach

drifting on the endless sea

the timeless invocation

of thoughts colliding

like the waves upon the shore

and the distant

skyward memories


Images For Android Phones: The Girl In The Summer Blue Dress

Images For Android Phones: The Girl In The Summer Blue Dress

The ocean flows in many ways, not unlike the wind swept beach and the girl with the summer blue dress. As the sun fades, and ends the day. She casts her weary dreams out to sea.


Images For Android Phones: Standing With The Fading Sun

Images For Android Phones: Standing With The Fading Sun

A photograph is never the end of a moment in time.


Images For Android Phones: Beach Self Portrait 6.19.12

Images For Android Phones: Beach Self Portrait 6.19.12

A Tybee Island beach remix 2012


Images For Android Phones: Tybee Island 6.19.12

Images For Android Phones: Tybee Island 6.19.12

early morning
a slightly deserted
– beach
the sun has risen
ever so brightly
casting shadows
under umbrellas


Images For Android Phones: Every Pop-Art Moment Needs A Self Portrait

Images For Android Phones: Every Pop-Art Moment Needs A Self Portrait

It’s so sixties hitting the beach. Sunrise, ocean, girls and guys. Bright colors, water ice and boardwalks. Bikinis. Everything’s pop. Everything’s art. On the pier, it’s Andy Warhol. With the Beach Boys surfing, and free love everywhere. And you know … it’s soon to be groovy. With guest appearances by Frankie Avalon, The Beatles, my favorite cousin, Godzilla and Twiggy. And now … It feels like yesterday as I move into Warrior pose and Sun Salutation. Power to the people.

Impressions in Barbados 02 / Celebration

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Impressionism is a theory or style
of painting, literature or music which aims to reflect subjective impressions
rather than objective reality.

The Crop-Over Festival is a yearly
event celebrating the sugar crop production in Barbados. It is a week-long party
all over the island. Everywhere you go people are in the streets, restaurants,
and on the beaches drinking, eating and partying. It was fascinating watching the
many parades that snaked throughout the streets.

And everywhere the town was alive with music.
Even the beaches could not escape the sound of bands playing reggae, rock, and Caribbean
music on stages lining the shore. One such moment was quite magical as the
sloping foothills crowded with people edged its way down just yards from the

I had a great time, and I recommend if you get the chance and love to party to go visit Barbados.

I took over two hundred photographs to document the festivities. In this post I include some of my favorites.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite party locale where you can let yourself go? Please share your thoughts.

Impressions in Barbados 01 / A Land of Beauty

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Impressionism is a theory or style
of painting, literature or music which aims to reflect subjective impressions
rather than objective reality.

In 1995 I had the pleasure of going to the island of
Barbados during the week of the Crop-Over Festival. The festival is a week-long celebration of
the sugar crop production of the year. This is a celebratory time for
visitors and native islanders who line the streets and beaches in search of fun
and surf. I was with a party of 12 that consisted of my sister and her friends.
We stayed in some lovely and remote time-shares located on the southern part of
the island.

The Impressions in Barbados series was created as a
salutation to all of the impressionist painters who have over the years turned
landscapes, seascapes, towns and islands into a visual paradise. I have always
felt that this style of painting exemplifies the beauty that can be found in
the manipulation of light and color. The key is in the brush stroke. In all of the
pieces here, I attempt to imitate various brush strokes to convey the essence
of Impressionism.

For this post, I have separated the series into 3 parts i.e.
Beauty, Celebration and Ceremony. This being part 1, I am concentrating on the beauty of the
island and focusing on its natural habitat.

What do you think? Are you a lover of Impressionism? Do you
like this style of painting and if not what is your favorite? Who are some of
your most revered Masters when you think of Impressionism? Is it Cezanne, Van
Gogh, Matisse or a contemporary that you love? Please share your thoughts. And finally,
where have you vacationed that has been or could be a great work of
impressionistic art?

30-Day Song Challenge: Day 03

Day 3 of the 30-Day Song Challenge asks the question what is “a song that makes you happy”?  One of the best pop bands to come out of New York, is Ivy. Simple, straight-forward song writing and the wonderful, gorgeous cooing voice of Paris-born Dominique Durand. The song “Edge of the Ocean” from the CD Long Distance with its shimmering quitars and deep bass knows how to set the mood for exquisitive neo-dream pop. Everytime I hear this song I think of hanging out at the beach in Atlantic City or Ocean City in New Jersey. I can’t help–but be happy!


Ivy – Edge of the Ocean

day 01 – your favorite song – Stars of the Lid’s “Don’t Bother They’re Here”

day 02 – your least favorite song – Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”

day 03 – a song that makes you happy