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your world beginning | piano and waterfalls – day 8


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The video “Piano and Waterfalls” continues the series “Your World Beginning”. It is an exploration of organic nostalgia i.e. a reflection of the beautiful times and places gone by. “Piano and Waterfalls” was filmed while hiking the Graveyard Fields trail to the Lower and Upper Falls located in the Balsam Mountain range in Western North Carolina. This film is of the Lower Falls which one arrives first after a short hike through the barren fields (a fire burned a large segment of the mountain range in the early 1900’s). Then the trail continues on with a more difficult hike to the Upper Falls. I shot various short segments along the way, which I will feature in a number of parts.

This video is also the first film I have produced using new software. My computer upgraded (without my consent I must say) to Windows 8.1 leaving me with an incapable AVID Studio. I loved working with AVID. And after nearly two years of using the software, I was really beginning to fine tune my use of it. I tried without success to find and install patches that would enable me to continue to use it with Windows 8.1, but with no positive results. So I just purchased the Sony Movie Studio Suite. And it is a learning curve all over again. My goal is to continue to produce quality videos that mirror the progression of my previous work. With this first attempt, I am discovering that there are some questions to the quality of the final video production as an uploaded internet movie. Formatting is a key. Especially when I am using my own video footage. This is a technical challenge, which I hope to conquer in order to create the most visually pleasing and technically diverse films possible.



your world beginning | in a place of subtle things

in a place of subtle things

your world beginning | to the distant fir tree

to the distant fir tree

toward a place of subtle things
through fallen leaves
and barren trees
with maps and moments
along the mountain ridge …

your world beginning | we could die together being in love with this moment

we could die being in love with this moment

every place has its own beauty
its own moment and place in time
in which we can disappear
or begin again ….


variations | a day in the life: hiking at Paris Mountain

variations | a day in the life: hiking at Paris Mountain

I just got the Galaxy Note II and I love the painting software included. For this “variations | a day in the life” series, I will be using either Paint Sketch or Picsart. I will not post daily, however I hope to explore elements such as architecture, objects, personal experiences all within the constructs of my personal vision. This series is the continuation of “images for Android phones” tag. 2013 has been a year of mostly new video work and the “variations” series. I am also in the final stages of completing my 200 page book of digital art. It too will focus on this year’s “variations” series. A book of poetry, prose, and imagery. With all this going on, and with work it has been difficult to keep up with everyone’s blog. Please accept my apology. I do appreciate all the support.


A Rewind: Grandfather Mountain | Hiking in 2002

A Rewind: Grandfather Mountain | Hiking in 2002

One of the coolest places at elevation in North Carolina is Grandfather Mountain. It is home of the mile high swinging bridge. At just over 6000 feet it is one of the highest mountain peaks in the state.


New Landscapes: Fall In Fashion – Hiking Boots

New Landscapes: Fall In Fashion - Hiking Boots

burnt umber
and golden-yellow
reddish tints
and layered colors
trace the path
fore and aft

a distant waterfall
cascading just beyond
my intrepid reach
– married
to the tonal beauty
that surrounds it

It’s Autumn in the mountains of North and South Carolina. Time for a moment of inner reflection, tranquility, and a zen-like trek; to be found in the ascension. And realized at the summit of sky and earth

In The Reflection Of Waking Waterfalls And Sunny Days (A Photograph Of You Remix)

In the reflection of things experienced … life as we dream it …

the sun rose
like a jewel
in the morning mist
an image of beauty
 - shining 
like the sparkling
 - of a distant cascade
with falling water
and merging hearts ...


Images For Android Phones: A Place To Rest With Colors

Images For Android Phones: A Place To Rest With Colors

a morning trek
so patiently caressed
on winding paths

while colors reach out
with subtle invitation
through angled trees
and grass so lean

the intrepid eye
never at rest
seeking things anew
with every test of step

except for here
under the gazebo
with summer’s warm
– embrace

as i wait for you
– knowingly
feeling at peace
feeling transcendent

I Love A Place When It Becomes A Part Of Me

The memories of a place in time brings the heart such joy….

Table Rock State Park in South Carolina

waking up this morning, I could not free my self from the thoughts that surround me

like the stream that flows so fluidly

my mind embraces and caresses the rock of my salvation…

nurturing the journey within….