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a blast from the past | unpublished works

a blast from the past | unpublished works

A landscape can have its own surreal moment. And your memories can often be found there.

Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 In Pictures | Places and ART


Savannah GA
Eastern Shore MD
Virginia Beach VA
Blue Ridge Mountains NC
Greenville SC
Tybee Island GA

art 1

Portrait of my Daughter Lady
We Say Good-Bye To Ourselves
The Silence Series: Chakra Colors For Meditation | ANAHATA (Green)
Everywhere I Looked the City Hosted the Old-Timey Bikes
A Tribute to the Family (A Full of Grace Remix)
Across the River the City that Sleeps with Dreams
Until You I Didn’t Feel Quite Finished

So many beautiful places and art to reflect on life in 2012.


Post Canvas and Paint: Variations | A Barren Autopsy

Post Canvas And Paint: Variations ~ A Barren Autopsy

a barren autopsy
of ourselves;
the lack of compassion
for a deep sense of lost
and stolen innocence

what do we see
when we look in the mirror
on cold December nights
but the tears of children
falling from our eyes …

As a society we are becoming numb to reason. And as a consequence, we may one day lose our humanity.


Post Canvas and Paint: Variations | A Circular Response

Post Canvas And Paint: Variations ~ A Circular Response

all too often

life brings us full circle

with a response too late


Post Canvas and Paint: Variations | A Place To Find What Was Lost


an endless road of memories
a journey of searching dreams
the place to find what was lost


art and thoughts remixed | an abstraction of historical things – when the world you’ve come to know is full of quiet moments | feb 1987

art and thoughts remixed | an abstraction of historical things - when the world you've come to know is full of quiet moments | feb 1987

we may be showing again in May
309 north 3rd street
– portraits;
it was sudden
the conversation about art … and
the things we longed for …
and realities never collected in one moment
… we get to the meeting late
and everyone is leaving
but i am here
on the beach
on the pier
flowered in peaceful meditation

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Here is a rewind from my trip to New Orleans. An earlier post entitled: A Bridge Never Too Far (A Seeing Through Everything Remix). I thought this digital collage would be perfect for this challenge. A layered fusion of angles and perspective. Hope you enjoy.


A Link To My New Published Art Book

http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/3536063 Check out my new art book. I have taken the best posts from my blog that express my love for abstract art, prose, and poetry. It is a blissful, mindful examination of all things from an introspective anaylsis. I am very excited. The book is a small square, 76 page volume hardcover. Available at BlurbBooks. Your thoughts and comments are welcome. And with the holiday season on the horizon, perhaps you will find it to be the perfect gift. Peace and Love.

Post Canvas And Paint: Another Different World (An Unstructured Thought Remix)

outside my window … beyond the last penned poem

 – i see what I can only feel

a sense of disillusionment …

Another Different World

and it is here

 – in the world of my own making

that I can no longer provoke a sense of place within this

an unstructured world, a world without end.

Post Canvas And Paint: Another Fading World (A Deeper Understanding Remix)

Outside my window, I find that some things are without understanding…

Another Fading World

It is a complicated world in which we live. It appears as one thing, yet emerges as another…

- destructive
- futile

A world fading and in conflict with itself….