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New Landscapes: Fall In Dreams

New Landscapes: Fall In Dreams

it’s there
left Behind
in an autumn past
– your dreams

memories in decay
like falling leaves
with nothing
– to believe


Images For Android Phones: A Painting In A Gallery

Images For Android Phones: A Painting In A Gallery

A painting
In more than one color
Where everything comes to life

A touch of red
A splash of blue
A hidden purpose
So true

A museum full of beautiful light
The sounds of our chatter
Throughout the day and night

In awe
In silence

It’s what the artist thought that matters
Escaping something here
Finding something there
… and
Renewing all with his mind
An abstraction so fine

It’s beautiful you know
What he has found
With the palette knive
Pressed in silent sound

… and
This gallery space
To another far-off place

It’s art when you see it
Art when you feel it
Art when you know it
And art when you love it

A painting
Of light and shadow

A painting
In more than one color                                                                                                                                                                                             Where everything comes to life

A touch of red
A splash of blue
A revealing purpose
So true


Images For Android Phones: A Window In A Dark Room

Images For Android Phones: A Window In A Dark Room

Painting in one color
A black as dark as coal
So dark it feels endless

It’s time to pick another color
Or look out a different window
Catch a thought or two

See things in another light
As the room collapses
Like falling cards

Entangled with the other’s calling
Like the dream that’s always falling

The blue sky outside
And my blurry eyes … blinking
Can’t save me from inside
The dark room in which I reside.


Post Canvas And Paint: Images For Android Phones 07

Post Canvas And Paint: Images For Android Phones 7

looking over the horizon
along the railroad tracks
i wonder where
… in silence
this train will take me
it’s lonely here
… in isolation
not unlike
a place
i used to know

I Keep Standing On The Corner Waiting On My Own (A Robyn Remix)

The city series….

On the corner, on my own

some things feels like destiny…

some things never change

standing on the corner

waiting on my own

never knowing which direction

I should go

it’s all for show

you know

waiting on the corner

with nowhere to go….


Post Canvas And Paint: Images For Android Phones 05

Post Canvas and Paint: Images For Android Phones 05

i am there
across from you
filtering my mind
seeing colors
in a delicate design


Post Canvas And Paint: Images For Android Phones 04

Post Canvas and Paint: Images For Android Phones

embrace the sky
dreaming …
let the light unfold

Post Canvas And Paint: Abstract 09 – The Unending Edge Of All Things

When I was reborn and when I died I remembered only one thing … I AM, All THAT IS – UNENDING….

The unending edge of all things

Creativity is an essential part of being human, a vital force without which we can exist, but not truly live. – Ann Cashman


Post Canvas and Paint….

Post Canvas And Paint: Abstract 08 – The Expanding Universe

On a beautiful summer day, we skipped our rocket ships along the waves of space….

The expanding universe

Straight-away the ideas flow in upon me, directly from God, and not only do I see distinct themes in my mind’s eye, but they are clothed in the right forms, harmonies, and orchestration. – Johannes Brahms

Post Canvas and Paint….

Post Canvas And Paint: Abstract 07 – The Circular Eclipse

The sky turned the brightest day into the darkest night, as I lit a candle to illuminate the ambiguities of my desires….

The circular eclipse

The heart of creativity is an experience of the mystical union; the heart of the mystical union is an experience of creativity. – Julia Cameron

Post Canvas and Paint….

Post Canvas And Paint: Abstract 06 – The Winding Tapestry

On the winding road every past moment in life followed me as the future fell off the cliff ahead of me….

The winding tapestry

The human mind cannot create anything. It produces nothing until after having been fertilized by experience and meditation; its acquisitions are the gems of its production. – George-Louis Leclerc de Buffon

Post Canvas and Paint….

Post Canvas And Paint: Abstract 05 – The Returning Tide

As I found myself lost in the sea with no boundaries I never felt the need for gravity or place….

The returning tide

Add to this cruelly delicate organism the overpowering necessity to create, create, create – so that without the creating of music or poetry or books or buildings or something of meaning, his very breath is cut off from him. He must create, must pour out creation. By some strange, unknown, inward urgency he is not really alive unless he is creating. – Pearl S. Buck

Post Canvas and Paint….

Post Canvas And Paint: Abstract 04 – The Loving Heart

In the translucent sound of night, the color of things to come were just beyond the stars….

The loving heart

Creation is such an elusive thing, for the more we think we are in control, the more we remove ourselves from the actual creation. – Betty Jean Billups

Post Canvas and Paint….

Post Canvas And Paint: Abstract 03 – The Consuming Sky

As the sky fell to earth I heard a memory, and it was not so long ago that I fell in love….

The consuming sky

A poet feels the impulse to create a work of art when the passive awe provoked by an event is transformed into a desire to express that awe in a rite of worship. – W. H. Auden

Post Canvas and Paint….

Post Canvas And Paint: Abstract 02 – The Dreaming Void

In a moment forged with the fluttering sounds of dreams in flight, I soon escaped my troubling fears….

The dreaming void

The true locus of creativity is not the genetic process prior to the work but the work itself as it lives in the experience of the beholder. – Monroe Beardsley

Post Canvas and Paint….

Post Canvas And Paint: Abstract 01 – The Setting Sun

I looked into the mirror of my thoughts as the setting sun slowly disappeared over the horizon….

The Setting Sun

Something about making art has to do with overcoming things, giving us a clear opportunity for doing things in ways we have always known we should do them. – David Bayles

Post Canvas and Paint….

Not The Kiss Your Mother Used To Give You (When She Wanted You To Leave The Room)

The city series….

Standing by the curb

So you think you’re a man….

You think you know what she is trying to tell you. Sitting by the curb with your new Trek bike. With your boys. Trying to be cool.

Looking cool … Being defiant.

Did you even listen? Is there any clue?

Baby Boy Blue

As to why she decided on … you?

Yeah I know, you think it’s because of the ball you play. Or the things you say. Just yesterday she gave you that look. When you helped her with her books. Were you listening then? When it was your hand she took. Yeah I know. It’s all about the tool of the trade. And not feeling like you’ve been made. Is it good to know? Keep the show? Or stay in the flow? Yeah, it’s a tough day and what a blow.

You sitting on the curb with your boys.

Being her toy.

But did you even know

That kiss….

Is not the kiss

Just for show….

I Really Want To Meet Your Sensitivity With Compassion And Love (A Hit The Mark Remix)

In a moment, my only desire is to meet your sensitivity with my thoughtfulness and longing….

Being centered with you

They tell me that love and compassion is a journey without measure….

Not unlike an arrow whose flight is true….

Everything Changes Except A Persistent Memory (A Think You Know Remix)

We often find ourselves on the boundaries of what we remember….

Everything changes except a persistent memory

Sometimes in a moment of realization, in a glimmer of mindfulness, we can see the totality of our lives: The days spent with dreams. The nights, restless—consumed with thought. The years forged with the desire to be something—perhaps anything other than who we are. And in the end, an uncertainty that begs the question; do all things change except a persistent memory?

Perhaps we really do not know ourselves at all, and in its place we find only a recurring memory to give us pause.

A fine line of demarcation of what is and what we imagine; who we are and what we might have become.

It is a fortress of endless cycles of memories and desires that seduce the very knowledge of who we are and the way we think.

We know that everything is in constant flux. Everything changes. Our lives change and the world around us as well.

It is a given.

Yet it feels like our memories, the persistent ones, never do….

Searching For Something That You Can’t Remember Forever

In a place not too far from memory are the dreams lost forever….

Searching for something lost

How do you know when something is lost? Is it when your memory escapes you? Or when you have forgotten where you have placed it? Is it only something you wish you had again. Or is it something only time can tell? Does it haunt you when you sleep? And bring rise to a restless night. Can it be something that follows you throughout the day? Edging you here, taking you where it may.

And when you look in the mirror can you see what is lost?

 … In the ocean and forest of your mind.

And when you swim, do you swim alone?


Wishing for someone to teach you again, the things you used to own….

What If Your Creativity Was Gone

In the struggle to know ourselves we sometimes turn inward to find our creativity … Gone

The inspiration for creativity resides within and beyond….

I recently re-blogged the post by Maggie Madly Writing wherein she proposed the question, “if nobody read your blog, would you still write”? There were some interesting responses on both our blogs. As a result, I started to think about the process of creativity. And the question, what if your creativity was gone? And has there ever been a time when you did not create? How long did that creative drought exist? What was the reason for the dry spell, if any?

Over the years I have known many artists. Each having their own unique work ethic. Some artists work continuously, on a daily basis. Others like myself, work when inspired, or influenced by events in their lives. I often look for a balance of art, life and sport. The majority of my artistic influence comes from my life experience. Most notably in the past when I was going through some rather dark periods. It seemed the darker the period, the more expressive the art. But I’ve learned that is not always true. Gone are the most darkest moments of my life (so I hope). Replaced by a more connected experience with peace and beauty. Creating a different kind of art. A different source of creativity. In the past, I have felt a sense of lost when not creating. Although I’ve always believed it would return. Knowing that it is a part of me.

What to do if your creative spark is gone? Well hang in there and have faith in your ability. This is a good starting point. Then work. Work. Spend time with the process. Explore and experiment with ideas. Take the time to check out the work of other artists. Artists from various disciplines. I love to see dance, theater and plays. Music exploration also is a motivating factor. As well as spending time with nature.

Never give up.

We all have our own path to discover that which ignites the creative spirit….

Only After Seeing The Light Did I Ever Think More Of It

From across the room I saw what I knew to be true….

A Kind of Light that keeps breaking through

like a candle in time

the soft glow of knowing….

No Moment In Time We Can Ever Bring Back (A Really Gone Remix)

As our past fades away, is there a bridge or ferry that can take us where we want to go….

A flight of fancy a bridge and ferry

Trying to escape something that is little known….

Earlier today, I was reading a post that Conceptual Art re-blogged entitled “A Place Where My Thoughts Are Frozen Together” by the blogger Emily @ Making Bridges. I enjoyed the read and found much in which to reflect on. It was as I perceived it, a beautiful, personal, and in-depth look at the ambiguities of our life experience i.e. how we connect with ourselves, and how those experiences resonate and are influenced by the emotions that accompany them. As I read, this line really struck a chord with me… “I often find myself looking back on past experiences – painful and happy – wishing I could still feel the intensity of those emotions”.

I believe that all my life, I have been struggling with this as well. I keep seeing my memories. Feeling them. Finding them elusive yet obtrusive. Art as a solution, sometimes produces some release and some peace, as it transforms the related emotion into form, color, shape, and content. Each piece touching on the memories in a hope to find a cathartic release. But it seems that it all remains the same in the end. An internal struggle. An endless pursuit. Perhaps the process does bring me a small step closer to a sense of freedom or understanding. But to truly cross that bridge, or ferry across the depths of my mind, I can only wake each day, start anew, create another piece, with the hope of living a little closer to a more profound present moment.

In a moment we realize we can never go back….

You Are There – I Am Here (Another Search The Sky Remix)

When the night sky folds into itself, and I breathe deeply it resonates of you….

The gravity that pulls us together

fragments of darkness

– never fall

into the warm depths of your love for me


there you are

– never doubting

the color and shape of my heart’s longing….