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Happy Birthday Lady

Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter Lady. Here is a photo of Lady and I back in the day. We love you dearly, forever and always. We miss you, and wish you were here with us to celebrate your birthday.

Dionanna Lady McFadden 1978 – 2011

My heart will always remember this moment and all the others.
Love Dad

Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 In Pictures | Grandchildren and Family


What a wonderful photo challenge this is to close out the year 2012. Highlights and special moments captured on film. This past Thanksgiving I was surrounded by loved ones. There were grandkids, my girlfriend, family, friends and the memory of my daughter Lady. My sister Patricia and her boyfriend Elbert, served dinner and were our hosts for a magnificent celebration of family. It was a rose of a day. Colorful, warm and joyous.


a holiday moment | snow and mountain

snow and mountain

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season …
And Good Will


Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful | For The Road Back Home

Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful | For The Road Back Home

Taking the road back home. Traveling north on route 13 along the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Having just left Virginia Beach via the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel, our destination is Philadelphia. We are thankful for a beautiful morning with a lovely fog filled landscape. Looking forward to seeing my grandchildren and family.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful | Grandchildren

Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful | Grandchildren

It has been a year and a half since my lovely daughter Lady passed away. She has left me and all who love her four beautiful children. I am so thankful and blessed to have them to share life and the memory of their mother. Pictured here are Ming age 2 and Syerra age 14. I had a wonderful holiday filled with their love and laughter.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Green | The Park

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

This is an interesting challenge. And a challenge to post mainly because it is asking for a multiple of images per post. However, because I am using my phone to post to the challenge, I do not have the capability, or have not figured out, how to post multiple images. Sigh. So please bear with me with the single image.

Nothing brings green to the forefront like a park. This digital collage created in 1997, is one of my first large-scale (42″ x 48″) prints. I’ve always loved this piece. I took all the park photos in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia while biking and hiking. I combined them with archival photos of my family in Central Park and 4th of July picnics. Green dominates the feeling of the piece. Lush and beautiful. The Park 1997.

A Family Tradition … Cousins (A Family Photo Remix)

Bringing the past into the present and going forward into the future….

Richard Malcolm and Denise

Richard is my older cousin on my mother’s side. He is sort of the “elder” of cousins along with his sister Andrea. Richard is a veterinarian and forensic scientist. He is also an adventurer and a world traveler. Here he is pictured with his ex-wife Denise a RN charge nurse and his son Malcolm a fitness guru and trainer.

In this series, I find that the challenge visually is conveying an artistic expressive nuance while maintaining a recognizable portrait of the family. Each image in the series poses the challenge to this delicate balance. Some images such as group photos, I believe lend themselves to more abstract expression. While a photograph of two or three individuals, I believe will work better if I approach it from a more portraiture sensibility.

What do you think? As I progress through the series, I would love to have your opinion on what works best.

Peace Love and Light to all the Families of the World….

A Family Tradition … Portraits (A Family Photo Remix)

Bringing the past into the present and going forward into the future….

Donald, Miriam and Children

I am fortunate to have a large and loving family. The journey in which this series will take me can only be thought of as a joyous rite. Beautiful is the memory of all those who, as family, have shared this life experience with me. Growing up with each other, especially my cousins was quite an adventure. There were ups and downs, pranks and games. And we often spent Saturdays or Sundays together; going to the park, enjoying picnics, and coming together as a family every Thanksgiving. My cousin Miriam pictured here with her husband Donald and children is a special soul. She is loving, happy and generous. A nurse by trade. When my mother was dying of cancer, Miriam would come by virtually every morning and sit with her. Caring for my mother with empathy and a heart of gold, she demonstrated great compassion. It is without a doubt, that I owe a lot to my cousin Miriam. And it is without a doubt that I love her dearly.

Family is important. Often we are called to give support, love and guidance to our family members. We can only, with a smile in our hearts, reach down deep with a great sense of purpose and joy when called to do so.

Peace Love and Light to all the Families of the World….

Watching As The Family Photos Reveal … Memory (A Family Moment Remix)

Bringing the past into the present and going forward into the future….

Uncle Eddie and Aunt Marge

A portrait of family. My Uncle and my mother’s sister, our surviving elders…..

A Tribute To The Family (A Full Of Grace And Love Remix)

The love of family is vibrant and colorful … enriching the very essence of our union with life….

A family reunion celebrating my Aunt Mary's 81st birthday

The centerpiece of love is the family….

I have been thinking lately about the legacy of my family. Both on my mother’s side and my father’s. The lost of a child (my daughter) can bring these thoughts and memories to bear. This evening I found myself asking, how can I celebrate the love of family?

– Our Family.

How can I bring together the many cousins, children and grandchildren that are all a part of the love we have as one large family? We are the Thorne Family. My Grandmother Aline Pearl Thorne gave birth to my mother, her three sisters and her brother. Now over several generations there are children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

My aunt Wilhelmina was a painter and my “uncle Bubba” as well. They both were inspirational in my pursuit to be an artist. In honor of them as well as the family as a whole, I am beginning a new series that will celebrate the many facets of our family; a celebratory life, a life full of giving and receiving in the bond of love. It is my hope that members of my family will collect some of the work created for this series and pass them down throughout the generations creating a legacy of remembrance.

Together we can do all things….

Peace and Love to Family and Friends alike.

A Love That Resonates Forever – A Tribute To My Daughter

Throughout the years my daughter Lady and my sister Patricia, have been at the very core of my being. The very essence of my Joy….

Patricia and Lady

I spent February 25th in quiet reflection; thinking of my lovely daughter “Lady” and remembering the things we shared. A few days earlier, I had sent a text to my sister Patricia, telling her I how much I loved her. Reminding her of my appreciation for all that she had done for my daughter over the years. On February 25th 2012, my daughter would have been 34 years old. Young and vibrant. Intelligent and strong. Beautiful and adventurous. A mother of four. A friend to many. A gift from God to me. As I approach March 7th, the day of her passing from this physical realm, I will continue to lift her up in my heart. Embrace her dreams as my own. And thank God for the blessing she is to me.

Lady taking photographs at family reunion 2006

Dionanna Mcfadden my “Lady Pooh”

The Silence Series: Chakra Colors For Meditation – Svadhisthana (Orange)

As we look within the centered Self, we find … All That Is….

The second chakra is closely associated with the Self or Soul. It is an energy chakra that promotes the reproductive system and assimilation. This chakra’s location is centered in the pelvic region. It governs our sexuality, sensations, appetite and our family associations. Svadhisthana means the Self’s dwelling place. This is a powerful energy center that promotes our sexual expression and creative impulses. It is associated with the sense of taste.

As you continue your practice, move your attention from the first chakra into the second. Visualize the color orange and quietly repeat the mantra Vam … Vam … Vam.


Breathe in the color orange

 Peace, Love, and Light to All….

Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces 02

The second image in this series has four elements composed as one. The primary effect used for this piece is the displacement map. It takes a little effort but on a closer look you will find a host of faces.

Family faces via the displacement map effect

Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces

Here is one of a multiple collection of family portraits for this series. I wanted to use a variety of color elements and effects to express uniqueness in their faces.

The primary effect used in this portrait is colored edges.

Family faces via colored edges

As We Grow Older Details Become Memories

A mother's smile, a mother's joy

Do you at times find yourself transported back in time when
a certain inherent detail of your life presents itself and reminds you of
something or someone? Do you recognize that moment as a significant junction
between remembrance and the here and now?

A father's necktie, the way he dressed

The other day while driving and listening to some beautiful
introspective music by the New Age composer Cleveland Wehle, I found myself
visualizing small details of my life. The name of his CD is Relax Deeply – The
Music, and the inspiring track that prompted me to compose this post is
entitled Anne’s Pleasure. What I visualized while listening were small
fragments or details that were components of a larger picture. Those images symbolized
in part the relationship I have had with time and memory—my life, my time here
on planet earth, my memories.

A photograph, a loving memory, a mother's wedding

Details become memories….
It seems that as we grow older, our lives manifest a
deeper sense of reflection. It is at times … like the feeling of Déjà vu, when
something ignites our connection to the past. The smallest detail infuses
itself into our mindset.  We feel and
remember things hard to describe in words, but intuitively understand their

Remembering a daughter's beauty throughout the years

A daughter's beauty throughout the years

One of the objectives of my work as an artist has been to
bridge the past with the present.  In
this post, I take small visual details of the past, and present them as memory
fragments. Those fragments reflect my relationship with my mother, father,
daughter, sister and family.

A sister's handwriting, so distinct

There are a host of details from our past, about our lives, just
waiting to present themselves unexpectedly—changing the way we remember.  We all share in our own unique way this
experience. Let’s look back and celebrate.

A memory of my family's elegance, so timely

http://youtu.be/IKMDy_elBK8  –  Cleveland Wehle – Song for Mary Clare – Video by David Flood

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It
is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a
stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good
as dead: his eyes are closed. … Albert Einstein

What do you think? What small details that surround your
life bring back memories of beautiful times gone by?