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friday with mountains


A beautiful day for hiking along the trail at Craggy Gardens off of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Western North Carolina. This photograph was taken from a small gazebo nestled in the forest and overlooking the valley below. A tranquil setting where you can see wildflowers and blueberries that embellish the Craggy Gardens Trail.



the feel of winter | a different kind of day


An ethereal drone in the distant soundscape. Approaching through the cold frost and winter mix. A different kind of day.


Images For Android Phones: The Last Moment (A Setting Sun Remix)

Images For Android Phones: The Last Moment (A Setting Sun Remix)

sitting on the beach
with the cooling sand
caressing my sandaled feet

mind and body
feeling bonded
with this very moment

the last moment
– here
with the setting sun
and you

while my joy
– and clouds
join in blended

leaving the waves
a fluid surrender
to a day ending