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Weekly Photo Challenge: Path 04 – Caesars Head Waterfall

There was a lot of interest in my Path 02, the Caesars Head trail. And I mentioned that there was a lovely waterfall (the highest and longest in South Carolina) located at the end the 2.2 mile marker. So thought I would add this photograph of the waterfall to give a sense of the beauty that awaits one who hikes the trail to the lookout point. The waterfall is located across from an expansive gorge.


The waterfall across from the lookout point at Caesars Head

Weekly Photo Challenge: Path 03

My final installment for this challenge is the path to beautiful art at the Louvre via just one of the many bridges that cross the river Seine.

A path to beautiful art at the Louvre, in Paris, France

Weekly Photo Challenge: Path 02

Sometimes a path is a beautiful day—hiking a trail that leads to a destination of longing and discovery.

Hiking the Caesars Head trail in South Carolina

Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

The word path can be thought of having multiple connotations or definitions such as; a trodden track or way, any road, way or track, the route or course on which something moves, or a course of action or conduct.

The pier path on a lazy afternoon