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Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

book 300 dpi

This week’s challenge “Forward” provides the perfect opportunity to post a preview of my upcoming book of digital art. This will be my second book I have published featuring digital art. The previous book, a small squared volume, featured abstract and surreal work. This second book will be a large 12″ x 12″ book of landscapes and abstract work. I am excited to feature my most recent work in this volume. I anticipate the book to be about 150 pages and will be published at Blurb Publishing. For the weekly challenge I am previewing the front and back cover.

19 Amerikaanse Kunstenaars / 19 American Artists / Bergkerk, Deventer 1990

Jessie Lyle, Constance kocs, kimberly Hunter, Pat Sprott, Joanna Hartell, Mary Clark, Robert Phillips, Roni Chernin, Mark Stolte

19 Amerikaanse Kunstenaars / 19 American Artists in Bergkerk Deventer the Netherlands. Tentoostelling Van Hedendeaagse Belldendekunst / Exhibition of Contemporary Art. 1 Juli T/M 22 Juli 1990.

What a fantastic photograph of some of the members that exhibited in Holland. Thanks Joanna for the photograph. I slightly altered the image to bring out the color and bring it up to date for my 2011 remix series featuring Highwire Artists. This post, and the blog in part, is dedicated to the artists of Highwire. Over the years, the collaborative sense of Highwire has always been the driving force of its creativity and its strength. Let’s stay connected, so please subscribe to this post, and you will get an email when new posts are created and posted.  I feel very motivated to pursue this project on the blog, and its success will be in part because of your contributions. So leave comments, send me photographs (via Facebook or email) and bring back memories for us all.