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waiting for summer, and a bridge to cross | unpublished works

waiting for summer, and a bridge to cross | unpublished works

Summer from afar
under the sun and stars
longing for a bridge to cross

Another Earth: Bridge Over Water

If on a beautiful day at the beach, we could just bridge the gap between our dreams and our reality …

Another Earth: Bridge Over Water

I often find in the solace of nature’s tranquility, my mind, floating on the ocean waves, and soaring with the clouds above. Here my dreams drift. With untold stories of yearning. A forgotten moment here, an aspiration there. All together within me.

Perhaps gone and abandoned.

Until this very thought, this very day. On the beach. And now, fully free of life’s constraints, I walk across this bridge. A bridge over endless water … The internal ocean of desires.

the deep blue sea

floods my being

– with discovery

and perpetual longing

 – unfolding

Post Canvas And Paint: A Bridge Never Too Far (A Seeing Through Everything Remix)

Standing on the edge of a place just beyond the other side…


Sometimes it is hard to remember what bridge has taken you this far and what lies just beyond the reach of your imagination. Be at peace. Rest assured. It is never too late to trust in a better tomorrow, as you cross the landscape of your vibrant dreams and lucid possibilities.

And as you commence on your journey, remember… only by seeing through everything can you ever hope to find the other side….


Images For Android Phones: Monday Afternoon

Images For Android Phones: Monday Afternoon

There is a classic ambient piece by Brian Eno entitled Thursday Afternoon. An one hour shimmering landscape in the style of Music For Airports. This piece Monday Afternoon was created on Tuesday night while listening to Pandora Radio on my Droid phone. Slowly revisiting the drive into Savannah, GA. And the crossing of this remarkable bridge. Beautiful Sunshine. Warm atmosphere. Cool wind. Simmering heat.

No Moment In Time We Can Ever Bring Back (A Really Gone Remix)

As our past fades away, is there a bridge or ferry that can take us where we want to go….

A flight of fancy a bridge and ferry

Trying to escape something that is little known….

Earlier today, I was reading a post that Conceptual Art re-blogged entitled “A Place Where My Thoughts Are Frozen Together” by the blogger Emily @ Making Bridges. I enjoyed the read and found much in which to reflect on. It was as I perceived it, a beautiful, personal, and in-depth look at the ambiguities of our life experience i.e. how we connect with ourselves, and how those experiences resonate and are influenced by the emotions that accompany them. As I read, this line really struck a chord with me… “I often find myself looking back on past experiences – painful and happy – wishing I could still feel the intensity of those emotions”.

I believe that all my life, I have been struggling with this as well. I keep seeing my memories. Feeling them. Finding them elusive yet obtrusive. Art as a solution, sometimes produces some release and some peace, as it transforms the related emotion into form, color, shape, and content. Each piece touching on the memories in a hope to find a cathartic release. But it seems that it all remains the same in the end. An internal struggle. An endless pursuit. Perhaps the process does bring me a small step closer to a sense of freedom or understanding. But to truly cross that bridge, or ferry across the depths of my mind, I can only wake each day, start anew, create another piece, with the hope of living a little closer to a more profound present moment.

In a moment we realize we can never go back….

Across the River There’s A Place Not Far From Here

The city series….

The bridge that takes us there

it’s there just beyond my reach

a bridge to cross

yesterday I am here

in a present moment


tomorrow I am there

in a dream to share


across the river

on either side

it’s just the same




a place not far from myself