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we can never go out and play | your world disappearing | HD video art

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Recently I had the opportunity to view a documentary by German filmmaker Werner Herzog entitled “From One Second To The Next.” The subject was texting and driving, and the effect it had on several individuals, including victims, family members, perpetrators, and law enforcement. While watching the film I could feel the emotional pain of all involved.

Texting and driving is a senseless act, and within a moment of lapse concentration can produce tragic results: Loved ones lost, lives ruined.

My video entitled “We Can Never Go Out And Play” was influenced by one family and one child named Xavier featured in the film. X-Man was his nickname. He was struck by a distracted driver texting while he crossed the street with his older sister. She says, “One moment he was holding my hand and the next moment he was gone”. His mother, riddled with pain and sorrow explained his massive injuries. Including paralysis and respiratory injuries requiring constant connection to ventilators to breathe.

What caught my attention, and what was the impetus for my film, was her stating that the most painful thing for her was not being able to say … “go out and play”. She sat there, her eyes focused on the lens of the camera, and repeated that this simple gesture of love, in saying, “go out and play,” would be lost forever.

My film work usually comes from a place of the abstract. My series entitled “Your World Disappearing” explores ambiguity, magic and lost, isolation, and endings. In the series I am imploring, in the abstract, environmental landscapes and organic forms to convey these existential concepts and personal entropy.

Because I see things in the abstract when revealing my emotional state there may appear to be a disconnect between what the viewer is seeing and my personal objective. A perfect example is this series, and this video piece in particular. All my work is created concurrently with how I am feeling emotionally. Presently, I am feeling a sense of separation from a loved one, and from my own aspirations and intentions. And most notably my place in this world. Like the wind blowing fiercely in an atomic storm and tree branches succumbing to the will of the unknown, I find my sense of self searching for its own survival.

variations | in solitary dreams

With every desire renewed, there is a solitary dream that finds us …

with summer approaching

petals of green
films of blue
puffs of white
infinity and moments

with summer …

A Night Of A Different Kind (A Turning The Page On Yesterday Remix)

A beautiful night of memories … always seem different in kind….

You bring back memories

at night…

we share a place

away from everyone


at night

we embrace something

in each other


at night

the moon rises

in our hearts


Everlasting Light with


– in a different kind of night….

At the Summit, the Tree of Life Love Art and Faith

The Blue Ridge Mountains at the Summit of Waterrock Knob

 At the Summit, the Tree of Life Love Art and Faith

“Just as the sun shines equally on the cedar and the little flower, so the Divine Sun shines equally on everyone, great and small”.

“Love can accomplish all things. Things that are most impossible become easy where love is at work”.

“Faith and hope give way to love; we had found already the One we were seeking”.

Quotations from:

Sermon in a Sentence: A Treasury of Quotations on the Spiritual Life


Trees have always presented themselves as being unique and mysterious to me. When I began drawing years ago the most interesting structure in a landscape was the tree. There are so many forms in the roots, trunks, and branches that can create beautiful art and design. As an abstract and surrealist artist, trees seemed to embody a great mystery.  And for me, sitting under a tree provides a place of rest, visions for creative thought, and spiritual recollection.

Walter W. Smith