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variations | don’t say the things that hurt

If only now you could remember, as I fell further away. Please, don’t say … the things that hurt.

The Dream Struggling To Complete Itself (A Waking Dream Remix)

Sometimes a dream no longer has words to say….

The darkest of dreams shed some light

It only takes a moment

– to know

a dream has nothing more to say….

When A Waking Dream Can No Longer Speak In Words

The moment I awoke I knew the dream would end in silence…

Sometimes in the waking a dream can no longer speak

the dream awoke …

with a stutter and a stir

it tried to find

in my mind

words to complete

a story unfolding

– boldly

in slumber

in death

a sleep with an end

and a dream

– with words

unable to speak …

 – a dream struggling to complete itself