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30-Day Song Challenge: Day 17 – What musician best captured the essence of analog electronic space music


klaus Schulze Mirage

http://youtu.be/UpaoRFPzwQ4 – Velvet Voyage from the 1977 album Mirage – an electronic winter landscape – video by picturemusic 75

Klaus Schulze "X"

http://youtu.be/0vtE7–vetE – Frank Herbert from the classic 1978 album “X” by Klaus Schulze – video by zrhno

German composer, Klaus Schulze is one the most creative and
enduring electronic musician of our modern age. Born in Berlin in 1947, his
musical career began as a drummer, bassist and guitarist with several rock
bands including the band PSY FREE. He was an original member of TANGERINE DREAM and a
founding member of ASH RA TEMPEL. Both of these bands are all time favorites of mine,
and had become a significant part of my listening playlist during the 1970’s and 80’s.  Klaus Schulze ventured out on his own in the early 70’s and recorded his first solo album in 1972 entitled Irrlicht. Several remarkable albums followed including
Cyborg in 1973, Timewind in 1975, and Body Love; a USA Billboard import charting in
at #2. In 1977 and 1978 he then produced the two albums featured here in this music
challenge; namely Mirage, and “X” respectively.

Out of the vast collection of recordings Klaus Schulze has
produced, these two distinctly different albums in style and sound composition
are my favorites.

In an interview with the master of “electronic space music”, Klaus
described his music as “the background to a mental picture, but the exact
interpretation must be made by the listener, hence the music is only half
composed and the listener himself should attack the composition to gain a mental
repercussion. This is why, perhaps, people love or hate my music!”

I’ve always admired and embraced his music as an art form unto itself, with its unfolding layers of sound
— their tones, textures and colors producing a mysterious, evolving beauty at its very core.

Enjoy the master of Electronic Music.

Live concert in 1978 with Wolfgang Tiepold

Klaus performing on he Moog analog synthersizer circa 1970's

The 1980's and the emergence of the digital age in music

Klaus Schulze still going strong in 2010

Klaus Schulze – Mirage

Velvet Voyage


Crystal Lake


In cosa crede chi non


Soundtrack recording
from 1976 (Bonus Track)

Klaus Schulze – “X”

# 1 : Friedrich Nietzsche


Georg Trakl


Frank Herbert


Friedemann Bach


# 2 : Ludwig II. von Bayern


Heinrich von Kleist


Objet d’Louis


Live with orchestra,
1978 (Bonus Track)

In the Reflective Mirror / Various Artistic Influences 01: The Park

The Park 1997

The Park 1997

Lately, I have been feeling rather nostalgic and reflective.
The essence of being an artist, or just human, I presume. Because of this there
certainly has been a sense of longing for things past, their presence
resounding in the influence of various people, periods in time, and artistic

Presently, while writing this post, I am listening to a 10
hour playlist I created of four unique ambient sound artists: Chihei
Hatakeyama, Alva Noto, Sawako, and Ryuichi Sakamoto, all of whom weave found
organic sound samples and electronics to produce dreamlike soundscapes. I
mention these artists because they are currently what I find compelling in new music.
I will share excerpts from reviews about
their music in future posts. This brings to mind that half a lifetime ago in
the year 1977, while driving from NYC to Philadelphia at 4am, I came across the
WXPN’s (University of PA) Starsend electronic music program. Listening to the
surreal sounds of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schultz was the start of many
journeys into experimental music and avant-garde arts in general.

All of this became a reflective thought and ideas for
posting this past week when I saw the film “Smithereens” by Susan Seidelman. I
have not seen this film in years. I remember first seeing it in the early 80’s
when it was first released in NYC. I was excited about coming across the film, and the opportunity of stepping back in time.

But I have been thinking about other influences of the past
as well. How perhaps music, film, festivals, theatre, family, friends travel, exhibits
and art etc., have conceptually developed the artistic vision I have.  I hope to explore this phenomenon in future
posts as well. For this posting, I am including a work of art from 1997. It is
one of my all time favorite collages. It is a large 42 x 48 inch composition
depicting the remaining memories of family reunions, during Fourth of July
picnics at the park and in Glenside, PA in the 1960’s. The title of the piece
is “The Park” and my first major showing of the work was in NYC at Agora Gallery
in Soho in 1997.

So I would like to introduce you, my blog buddies and
readers to “In the Reflective Mirror / Various Artistic Influences.

Let me know what you think of the various postings, and
include your creative influences that stand out and reflect your life’s

And up next a musical playlist….