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give your tears to time | your world disappearing – video art

After starting the video please select 1080 HD in the setting tool icon to view in High Definition.

He wrote
in fervent oscillation;
through the center that does not hold …

fingers bloodied and broken
the painful past
and uncertain future,
forged together
in this present moment,

penned with tears given to time
and his world disappearing …

My second video in my short film series under the title “Your World Disappearing”. Exploring ambiguity, and emotional constructs through the lens of ambient minimalism fused with organic and natural elements. “Through art I feel like subtracting”.

with your tears i fall like rain | video art

Contemplative moments when tears fall like rain. Music by ambient artist Sogar.

an evening storm approaches | a dance of tree and wind | video art

Another chance recording. An evening storm approaches containing some strong winds and rain. Here is a dance of tree and wind.