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The Spark that Ignites Our Dream of Love Soon Fades Away

A 2011 remix for Life and Stolen Innocence with poem


four point two million sympathy cards                                                                                                         hallmark                                                                                                                             dissipating blue-clear skies to purple gray skies                                                                      vertical sky-cam                                                                                                                                a gun in hand                                                                                                                                     aisle four

the sound of a distant airplane                                                                                                         voices behind closed doors                                                                                                          clear skies, green grass, eternity                                                                                                 hand-held sony super 8 interviewing                                                                                                  clips from serial mom and                                                                                                           fourth of july picnics

christmas morning                                                                                                                    echoed screams                                                                                                                           polaroids                                                                                                                                    father knows best                                                                                                                         sleep in pain, wake to fear, live without love                                                                           family sitcoms circa: 1960’s

Maybe Tomorrow a Better Dream a Better Life

2011 remix of Life and Stolen Innocence, Recovery and The Spark that Ignites Our Dream of Love Soon Fades Away

Millions of children, throughout the world, are abused in one form on another.  It is heartbreaking that they must live with the sharp pain of an unkind word, neglect, shame, or physical torment. It shatters their hopes and dreams. As a society we cannot lose sight of what a young girl or boy experiences when their trust in those who should protect them is betrayed. We as a community, a village, must extend love and compassion, hope and inspiration that tomorrow’s dreams and life itself can and will be beautiful, safe and fulfilling.  There is a lot of space in the hearts of  all children to find that warm embrace, the story that leaves a smile, and a relationship that is love.

Hopes, Dreams and Stolen Innocence

A 2011 remix of the 1993 exhibit Life in Stolen Innocence

Lately, I have been thinking about the human condition. How we must see ourselves as the protectors of the young and the innocence throughout the world. How our society prevails, or should prevail in a time of moral entropy. How we must find the courage to uphold the moral reason for love and compassion.  In this post entitled “Hopes, Dreams and Stolen Innocence” and the related post, “Maybe Tomorrow a Better Dream a Better Life”, I look back at works, from the past that I have created in the attempt to address these issues. In 1993, at Atlantic Community College, I exhibited my photo / text piece entitled “Life and Stolen Innocence” i.e. the fictional depiction of two young girls growing up simultaneously—one child living in a loving and sustaining home, and the other child in an abusive home environment.  And in 2002 I revisited this examination with the digital collage “The Spark that Ignites Our Dream of Love Soon Fades Away”. Both works were an attempt to focus on the idealism of youth, in the shadow of dreams and hopes lost.