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What You Know To Be Right Is What Someone Has Told You

What You Know To Be Right Is What Someone Has Told You

on a quiet shore
a solitary figure
not unlike yourself
shattered by the day
delineated by the question
of rights and wrongs
in life …
again and again



What Do You Remember On A Beautiful Fall Day

What Do You Remember On A Beautiful Fall Day

an ocean wave
a salty smell
and flocks of seagulls
– in soaring flight
eclisping the summer sun


What Do You Remember When Swimming In A Deep Blue Sea

What Do You Remember When Swimming In A Deep Blue Sea

In a deep reflection
Lost at sea
With memories

In a pool of you
With the darkening blue
A drowning so timeless
Endless without you

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

It has been a while since I posted on the Challenge. I really like this prompt. So here is my contribution. It is a photo taken with my Android phone of the shore line in Virginia Beach. The phone has no zoom capability. So everything looks far away. But the chair, my girlfriend and the shore line are closer than they appear. I don’t usually contribute any black and white photos, but for this challenge I felt the desire to do so. Some soft focus treatments are used on the image.

Virginia Beach

Another Earth: The Transcending Dream

You touched me with your thoughts as I felt your dreams float away …

Another Earth: The Transcending Dream

in a dream

another earth …

Another Earth: Bridge Over Water

If on a beautiful day at the beach, we could just bridge the gap between our dreams and our reality …

Another Earth: Bridge Over Water

I often find in the solace of nature’s tranquility, my mind, floating on the ocean waves, and soaring with the clouds above. Here my dreams drift. With untold stories of yearning. A forgotten moment here, an aspiration there. All together within me.

Perhaps gone and abandoned.

Until this very thought, this very day. On the beach. And now, fully free of life’s constraints, I walk across this bridge. A bridge over endless water … The internal ocean of desires.

the deep blue sea

floods my being

– with discovery

and perpetual longing

 – unfolding

Another Earth: Girl On The Beach

A moment of drifting waves and splashing sky, with the colors of thing to come …

Another Earth: Girl On The Beach

drifting on the endless sea

the timeless invocation

of thoughts colliding

like the waves upon the shore

and the distant

skyward memories

Images For HD Video: Water For Meditation (Sunrise Remix) and On Water

Exploring nature through video …

I enjoy working with video. It has always been a true love of mine. It is however, a very challenging medium. It takes time to learn new programs and to obtain the right equipment. And it is expensive. Exhibiting video art in a gallery usually requires a grant. And grants are difficult to come by these days. In the 1980’s and 1990’s, I was awarded a couple of grants for a video installation and a multimedia collaboration. All in all, through recent years, and mostly because of the expense, I’ve shifted from video art to digital imaging. 2-dimensional work. Photography, prints, and digital art.

However, I do want to invest more time in video making. At the heart of this endeavor is having the right mindset for video. Filming. Set design. Editing. Video making is much different from taking photographs. I must remind myself not to think in terms of large production. But rather find inspiration and subject matter in the in-between spaces. Mood. Ambient nature. Form. Simplicity. Lo-tech – high-tech.

The pieces “Water for Meditation” and “On Water” are two perfect examples of ambient nature. They are not very complicated to film and produce, yet fulfill, in this instance, my desire to create an ambient environment for meditation. Transporting the viewer to a moment of relaxation. “On Water” is micro short (26 seconds) in length, while “Water for Meditation” is nearly six minutes long. I prefer long meditative pieces, however I realize that it takes a considerable amount of investment on part of the viewer to “sit” through the minimal motion of a piece of great length. All in all I hope to produce in the future some rather experimental pieces. Incorporating original imagery and music created by me. Work that at this time is a mystery to me.

Below are 2 links to my YouTube channel and the video pieces; “Water For Meditation” (Sunrise Remix) and “On Water”.

Please enjoy. Any feedback is well appreciated. In the future, I hope to post videos more regularly.


http://youtu.be/pyYahhz2svM  –  Water For Mediation (Sunrise Remix)

http://youtu.be/wGXnumdn_Ys  –  On Water

Images For HD Video: A Day At The Beach (A Tybee Island Remix)

A Tybee Beach remix…

Tybee Island is a small public beach located on the Atlantic Ocean near the Georgia/South Carolina border. It is just a few minutes away from historic Savannah GA.

A day on the beach, with sand and surf in hand.



Images For Android Phones: The Girl In The Summer Blue Dress

Images For Android Phones: The Girl In The Summer Blue Dress

The ocean flows in many ways, not unlike the wind swept beach and the girl with the summer blue dress. As the sun fades, and ends the day. She casts her weary dreams out to sea.