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your world beginning | to the distant fir tree

to the distant fir tree

toward a place of subtle things
through fallen leaves
and barren trees
with maps and moments
along the mountain ridge …


your world beginning | we could die together being in love with this moment

we could die being in love with this moment

every place has its own beauty
its own moment and place in time
in which we can disappear
or begin again ….

your world beginning | maps, mountains, and trails – day 7


Day 7 finds “Your World Beginning”, on the trail to the summit of Waterrock Knob. In search of a transitional ambience of Fall colors, fog, and rain. This is an incredible location here at the summit. There is always a constant or intermittent wind blowing. The clouds shift quickly above, or as today, the fog can be seen everywhere.

Waterrock Knob is a mountain peak in the state of North Carolina. It is the highest peak in the Plott Balsams and is the 16th highest mountain in the Eastern United States. It is the 15th highest of the 40 mountains in North Carolina over 6000 feet.

The mountain is split by both Haywood and Jackson counties in the western part of the state. It is located in the Plott Balsams mountain chain between the Great Smoky Mountains and the Great Balsam Mountains. The mountain’s summit is located within the Blue Ridge Parkway National Park Service unit.

The mountain is a popular destination with tourists and amateur hikers as it is easily accessible from the Parkway. A visitors center is located near its summit and a hiking trail leads to its top. The hiking trail and visitors center are manned and maintained by the National Park Service, part of the United States Department of the Interior.

your world beginning | a life of contradictions and disappearing things – day 5

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Day – 5 in the “Your World Disappearing” series brings us into a life of contradictions and disappearing things. Filmed in part in Asheville, NC, the film examines isolation, entropy, conflicting realities, and reflection. Multiple layers of contrasting elements explore our ambiguities as to what is real and what is an illusion: Life in all its complexity has multiple paths, roads, objectives and choices.

your world beginning | a place to find inner peace

a place to find inner peace

My latest series entitled “Your World Beginning” searches for found beauty. A beauty, that when discovered, gives the inner soul a place for stillness and rejuvenation.

Things for me in recent months, had been pretty dark emotionally. Artistically I tried to work through my angst in a cathartic way via my previous series “Your World Disappearing”. I am now ready to accept the fate that was handed to me and move on. Years ago, in my process of finding a sustainable recovery, I discovered that physical immersion into landscapes of beauty, moments of solitude, and personal accountability through action would provide the first of four significant paths to peace. This new series is a visual reflection of the desire for discovery and the emancipating steps to take me there.

The mountains have always been a place where I could venture to and find a place of inner peace.


experiment: data complex 10 | the world in recollection (a returning place remix) | video art HD


“The World In Recollection” will be the last in my featured series of the emerging world concept. I am not sure where I will venture into next with video, but I hope to feature more of my own experimental imagery.


A Rewind: Grandfather Mountain | Hiking in 2002

A Rewind: Grandfather Mountain | Hiking in 2002

One of the coolest places at elevation in North Carolina is Grandfather Mountain. It is home of the mile high swinging bridge. At just over 6000 feet it is one of the highest mountain peaks in the state.

A Rewind: The Blue Ridge Parkway

A Rewind: The Blue Ridge Parkway

Over the past 2 years or more I have created over 300 new works of art. It has been a very prolific time for me creatively speaking; developing various platforms for the distribution of my art, exploring new techniques, sharing ideas and meeting new people. I recently began posting older work on my Facebook home page. I realize that as time progresses, I often attract new viewers to my online platforms. My blog offers the most exposure to my work. And it continues to provide the impetus for my creative drive. I truly appreciate those who have supported me in the past along with my most recent subscribers. Taking a page from my “A Rewind” series I started on Facebook, I think it is only proper that I do the same here on my art blog. So periodically I will post an image from an earlier post.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

In my last posting for this challenge I chose the subject of the city as a place of renewal; either as a new place of discovery or a place of departure. For me it was a place of departure. I was in need of an environment that was vast, natural and organic. A place where sky and mountain converge. A rural landscape. I found it here in the Carolina’s. A definite place of renewal and self-discovery. This image is entitled: The In-between Space: Sky and Mountain. Hiking to the summit of this mountain was quite invigorating and challenging. The overall experience Zen-like.


New Landscapes: Fall In Fashion – Hiking Boots

New Landscapes: Fall In Fashion - Hiking Boots

burnt umber
and golden-yellow
reddish tints
and layered colors
trace the path
fore and aft

a distant waterfall
cascading just beyond
my intrepid reach
– married
to the tonal beauty
that surrounds it

It’s Autumn in the mountains of North and South Carolina. Time for a moment of inner reflection, tranquility, and a zen-like trek; to be found in the ascension. And realized at the summit of sky and earth