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Music For Looking Back: Flashing Lights Have Ended Now – Foxes In Fiction

Take a look at old photographs and remember the echoes of….

Foxes In Fiction

http://youtu.be/1ihAE-lDCqU – Flashing Lights Have Ended Now by Foxes In Fiction

Foxes In Fiction

The other evening I was downloading some electronic, ambient and IDM music to burn onto a CD. I usually listen to Fluid Radio on Itunes for the best of Experimental Frequencies, Drone, glitch, Neo-Classical, Computer and Abstract recordings. I had come across Foxes In Fiction several times, and noted them on my to buy list. They are a mixed bag of sorts i.e. they construct both ambient and pop music. I really connected with this tune “Flashing Lights Have Ended Now”, because of its steady beat, heavy reverb, echo, and dreamlike guitar/lyrics. It seemed to inhabit the small garage, small club feeling, I knew so well. A retro cool. A journey back to comic books.  High school basement Jams. Robert Fripp and his Frippertronics concert at the University of Pennsylvania circa 1984. Downtown Philly. Emerald City. L7 in NYC. An early morning dive after partying all night … discovering the descent … and the feeling of looking through some old photographs … alone.

Music For Parks And City Streets (A Day Like No Other Remix)

The city series….

Sitting by the river, standing on the corner, music for parks and city streets

The moments we find time standing still…

Music is energy …

It captures the imagination and sets the soul on fire. It frees our thoughts and liberates our dreams. It illuminates the night stars and sets the day in motion.

Music is lucid …

We dream to music. We create to music. We make love to music. It touches and caresses. It embraces our intimate space.

Music is you and I …

It gathers the crowd on a beautiful day. It sings the songs our hearts have found. It teaches and consoles. It soothes our spirit at birth and death.

Music is humanity … restored.

For you and I it was a day like no other as we walked together … dreaming and listening….

In celebration of a summer day to come. A picnic with the band The Januaries and their song Chocolate and Strawberries…


An Introduction To The Creative Process Of Artist Gotye: The Making Of Eyes Wide Open

It is always interesting to delve into the mind and creative process of an artist. What tools he uses. What fuels his imagination. How he views the world around him. How to translate that experience into art.

Gotye takes us on a shot venture through all these elements.


Gotye: Eyes Wide Open

Well I am enjoying my day discovering this really cool artist. So I thought I would pass on the delight. Visually intriguing and lyrically profound.

Thanks Daniel for the introduction

Eyes Wide Open.


Lake Rock Sky (An Electric Ladyland Remix)

Sometimes an image reflects things that exist only in the mind….

A moment with lake, rock, and sky in retrospect ... An Electric Ladyland Remix

What do you do with a memory that occurs suddenly while creating a piece? Or after the piece has been produced? I really did not have any definitive path for this piece. I just wanted to explore form, color and process utilizing photographic images from a lake, a sky and a mountain. Process is important to me and sometimes an abstract work can reveal a lot about process. It then occurred to me after its completion that it had both an organic and electrical feel to it. And the image that came to mind, while deepening my contemplative view of the work was Jimi Hendrix. Yes—Jimi Hendrix. Why Jimi, now that is a good question? You really do not see any real connection to Jimi at all in the piece. Or so it seems. Perhaps if you are thinking like I am—in that moment; or after having similar life experiences, you would see Jimi as well. But it is ok if you don’t. It’s your art as well as mine. I am just the physical creator of it. To you, it is what it says and reflects from your life experience.  But I digress. Getting back to Jimi and how he relates to this piece, is in itself abstract. In 1970 while visiting my older cousin and sifting through his record collection, I came across two beautiful album covers and titles. Both were mysterious and beautiful. They were Band of Gypsies and Electric Ladyland. This was my introduction to his music and rock music in general. I was 13 years old. I never looked back. The two albums and the music recorded on the discs would have significant influence on my future art. An introduction to psychedelic colors, experimental structures and abstract forms.

So I saw Jimi, in this piece, and it began with a lake, a sky and a mountain. And I called it “Lake Sky Mountain (An Electric Ladyland Remix)”

I can hear Jimi say … groovy….

Moments In Time (A Yesterday Video Remix)

Sometimes moments in time are like the possession of precious jewels only remembered briefly…..

My latest video entitled “Moments In Time (A Yesterday Video Remix)” starts off with clips from previous videos and a multimedia performance before evolving into my most recent ventures of 2012; finding new forms in the mountains of Western North Carolina. My early video work began back in 1988. Of course there were no digital cameras, and we had to use those large, bulky, VHS Cameras. At the time I was fortunate to have some rather unique video editing software, and hardware courtesy of my Amiga 1000 digital suite and the third-party supplier of a video mixer called the Genlock. Now with a HD digital camera, there is much higher resolution, creating a more definitive, sharper image. I recently purchased the Avid Studio Pro video software, and hope that the quality, and versatility will yield several levels of high performance (within a modest price range).

One of the major traits in the processing of my previous video work, has been my ability to layer video sources. So I am looking forward to using this new capability (the latest digital hardware and software) to continue this process. In the end I hope to create thought-provoking video imagery that is abstract, ambient. and minimalistic.

So I hope you enjoy what I think may be a transitional video on the path to new ideas, and processes.

Moments In Time (A Yesterday Video Remix)….


Music For Backgrounds: Ajad – Reiki Vol. 2 (Reiki Music 2: Music for Love)

The wonder of healing and finding the true Self … resting in peace with All That Is…

Today, I awoke to some very inspiring posts. They brought to my attention the essence of our lives spent in gratitude for All That Is and our remarkable ability to be creative, while discerning our immense capacity to love and be loved…

This morning I wrote a short text to my sister, telling her I loved her dearly. February, is a difficult month for us. Both my Mother’s and daughter’s birthdays are this month. Both, including my father, sadly have passed away. It is just her and I now.

I needed to reach out to my sister, share the love, tell her that she was in my thoughts and I hold her dear….

I am in the middle of my Chakra Colors for Meditation series. A collection of mindful images that I hope promotes a desire to journey within—to find a place of healing, peace, and love. I thought an interlude that included some soothing Reiki music would be just the thing to enhanced your contemplative experience of the day

Remember to breathe softly, focus your attention and stay centered.

Ajad – Reiki Vol 2 (Reiki Music 2: Music for Love) 59:53


Here is the link to The Silence Series: Chakras Colors for Meditation – 1st chakra Muladhara (Red)


January 21. 2012. 05:59 PM (A Heavenly Slideshow Remix)

2011 and now 2012 promises to bring to the forefront—images and ideas for the contemplative and visionary mind.

Here is just a sample of recent work.


Music by Tomasz Bednarczyk

Water For Meditation (A Contemplative Thought Video Remix)

On a beautiful afternoon, at a moments notice with camera in hand…

A peaceful discovery

Water and meditation….


Music by Molly Berg and Stephen Vitiello

Water for Meditation is a study in video minimalism. I am again, working with environmental and organic imagery to present an ambient setting for quiet contemplation.

Asheville And Art For Cities (A Post Canvas And Paint Video Remix)

Asheville the Paris of the South….

I have had the pleasure and opportunity to travel to some rather unique cities such Paris France, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and here in America, cities like Washington DC, NYC, and Los Angeles. In these major cities there are never a shortage of great art, fine dining, and exciting culture. The streets are always alive throughout the day and into the night.

But I have also come to love the small to medium-sized cities such as Greenville SC, Burlington VT, and my favorite Asheville, NC. Asheville is very beautiful. Bohemian and unique. It is a gay-friendly city and a haven for those who seek a more spiritual lifestyle. It is nestled in a valley surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. It host for the visitor or long-time resident, diverse experiences to discover the world of  art, theatre, music, and outdoor adventure. I simply fell in love with the city many years ago.

Here is my tribute to a great city….