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Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

A solitary moment can be found almost anywhere. Mountain biking, gives me the opportunity to be one with nature, explore my inner solitude and focus my imposing will against the difficult terrain. Here is a shot from this weekend as my partner and I rode the trails at FANTS Grove at the forestry of Clemson University in South Carolina.



Post Canvas and Paint: Images For Android Phones

Post Canvas and Paint: Images For Android Phones

Mountain biking at TSALI

Farmer Jack And The Athertons – An Elderly Gent’s Mountain Biking Experience

This is such a cool video. A quarter of the way through it Farmer Jack decides to give the bike a try with some rather good results. 🙂


January 21. 2012. 05:59 PM (A Heavenly Slideshow Remix)

2011 and now 2012 promises to bring to the forefront—images and ideas for the contemplative and visionary mind.

Here is just a sample of recent work.


Music by Tomasz Bednarczyk

Maps and Trails (Turning the Page – A Bend In the Curve Remix)

Crossing the bridge of discovery we find ourselves….

Biking to a new place

Some thoughts on ambition and the nature of Self….

How often in life we complete a task that was beyond the capability of the person we were when we started it. – Robert Brault

Ambition is not what man does… but what man would do. – Robert Browning

It is in our nature to discover things and in our will to reach them. – Walter Smith

How Do You Negotiate Your Time Between the Things You Love

Searching for that time, seeing it just beyond the window….

Finding the time for things we love

Do you ever feel like time is slipping by, and the things you love are being left behind?  And do you find you must choose between one thing and the other because of the lack of time?

Well over the past year I have found that I must negotiate my time wisely if I am to achieve some of my goals as an artist and pursue my love of outdoor adventure. During this fall period when the weather is so nice, I long for those exciting treks up and around the mountains of South and North Carolina. Yes, the mountains are calling, but then too is the late nights in my studio—in front of my computer, creating art, developing ideas, and writing.

What is one to do? My work schedule provides me with very little time for my personal activities. If I stay up late until 3 or 4 a.m., I do not have the energy for early rising and working out. The choices we make because of limited time, energy, and work schedules all play an important part in how we approach the things we love. A solution that I have found is to break up these different interests into separate yearly periods. With one activity being the most dominate. The past year my personal emphasis has been on my art, website and art blog with a minor contribution to outdoor activities. Instead of the daily schedule of work-outs (that I was consistent with 2 years ago), I opted for the big one day adventures such as all day biking, caving, zip-lining, and long hikes. As I approach 2012 and the New Year, I hope to perhaps find a strong 50/50 mix that includes gym workouts, outdoor adventures such as rock climbing, kayaking and perhaps even sky diving, while simultaneously furthering my artistic endeavors.

Do you find it difficult to juggle the things you love? How do you negotiate your time? Have your thought about 2012 and how to get the most out the New Year?

What do you think?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall 02

Mountain biking and Fall weather go hand in hand. My Trek taking a break.

Fall weather and my Trek

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountains 04

Mountain biking at Tsali Recreational Area in North Carolina

A photo challenge that includes mountains would not be a challenge without a difficult mountain bike to the summit. In this photograph I have just reached the top of the Right Loop at Tsali Recreational Area in North Carolina. The elevation at this point is around 5000 feet.

The popular Tsali Recreation Area has long been a top destination for mountain biking in Western North Carolina, and even the entire eastern US. Containing nearly 40 miles of trails in a system with four excellent loops, it has been rated as one of the top 10 places to ride in the USA. The area is located on a hilly peninsula reaching into beautiful Fontana Lake, at the base of the Great Smoky Mountains. The four long main trails at Tsali wind along the lake shore and onto the wooded, steep interior ridges. There are several connector trails, gravel roads and extension trails that give a few more options for rides besides the main loops. Three designated overlooks along the trails provide sweeping views of Fontana Lake with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on the other side. The trails are fast, hardpacked singletrack, and they’re extremely well designed and well used.

Race Day April 3rd 2011

Mountain biking race day at Tsali Recreational Park

Mountain biking race day at Tsali Recreational Park, North Carolina

It is Race Day

Take what life gives us

Let us meet under the great pavilion

Where the sounds of aspirations

Are heard in the ballet of bikes

It is race day

Clutching our forged carbon loves

Sinewy muscles tense with sweat

We dream the dance

The dance of the mountain

It is race day

There is life in every breath

Let us meet silently at the starting gate

The noise of wind and sky to shatter our thoughts

While colors merge

A kaleidoscope forms

A kinetic fleeing pursuing blur

Rotating wheels and quick descents

Gorges rivers trees and falls

Pick yourself back up

Your pain body calls

And look up into the crying sky

To a transformative end

Finding yourself deep inside

It is race day

Transcending our weekday life

We are here to meet in joyous celebration

The sound of Kopeland

The sound of music

Victory for one

Pleasure for all

While arms and smiles embrace

Here at Tsali North Carolina

Its sure to be

A great race

A Mysterious Thing … The Photograph of a Place in Time

Biking around Lake Junaluska, Maggie Valley, North Carolina

Biking around Lake Junaluska, Maggie Valley, North Carolina

It was a golden morning and a beautiful start to the day. It was a Monday and there was a
chill in the air as the cold wind made its way down the mountain and across the
lake. I’ve always been mesmerized by beautiful seascapes and landscapes—where
water, mountain and sky meet. Drawn to their spiritual vastness, I sometimes
find (if it’s a good day) revelation and beauty, hidden…deep inside the
soul.  When transfixed by such a mysterious place—we question its magnitude.
In-turn, we can at times find our very own inadequacies.  We come to know our fears and our doubts. Usually
if I attempt to elevate myself, with pride—by thinking:  I can do this…or I can do that—whatever the
thoughts may be, I then know I am no longer centered.

It is a golden morning and a beautiful start to the day. It is early April 2011 and spring is
on its way. There is anticipation and a longing for the discovery of beauty and
the Self in recollection. I am still mesmerized by beautiful seascapes and
landscapes—where water, mountain and sky meet. There is a planetary energy, a
Consciousness that lifts my Spirit. Transfixed I find it is a mysterious thing—the
photograph of a place in time. I remember the beauty of the moment and my
present fears and doubts are washed away. I will elevate myself today, with joy—by
thinking: I can do this…and I can do that—whatever the dreams may be.
It is April and it is spring and all the growth of my soul and Spirit is before me.

If you have a photograph of a place in time that transcends your life experience, embrace it and share it with others.