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Music For Backgrounds: Ajad – Reiki Vol. 2 (Reiki Music 2: Music for Love)

The wonder of healing and finding the true Self … resting in peace with All That Is…

Today, I awoke to some very inspiring posts. They brought to my attention the essence of our lives spent in gratitude for All That Is and our remarkable ability to be creative, while discerning our immense capacity to love and be loved…

This morning I wrote a short text to my sister, telling her I loved her dearly. February, is a difficult month for us. Both my Mother’s and daughter’s birthdays are this month. Both, including my father, sadly have passed away. It is just her and I now.

I needed to reach out to my sister, share the love, tell her that she was in my thoughts and I hold her dear….

I am in the middle of my Chakra Colors for Meditation series. A collection of mindful images that I hope promotes a desire to journey within—to find a place of healing, peace, and love. I thought an interlude that included some soothing Reiki music would be just the thing to enhanced your contemplative experience of the day

Remember to breathe softly, focus your attention and stay centered.

Ajad – Reiki Vol 2 (Reiki Music 2: Music for Love) 59:53


Here is the link to The Silence Series: Chakras Colors for Meditation – 1st chakra Muladhara (Red)


Last Night a Dream and a Celebrated Life Deeply Loved.

A dream can be like a blooming rose touching all our senses.

Several nights, in the last two weeks, I have dreamt of loved ones whom have passed on. And still their love remains. My daughter and my mother came to me and shared their life energy and love with me. They brought moments that had been forgotten and weaved them with the essence of my own thoughts, perceptions, and desires. Dreams always seem to be about people, places and life’s moments intertwined. There are waves of reality, sometimes in a surrealistic manner, merging us with the floods of memories, emotions and deep aspirations. We at times never want to wake up, as we reach across the void to touch and hold on just a moment longer.

What does a dream mean to you? How does one interpret those dreams? These are questions that we have, on many occasions, asked ourselves. The American Heritage Dictionary defines a dream as; a series of images, ideas etc., occurring in certain stages of sleep.

There is always a deeply hidden, yet revealing message in a dream. The nature of a dream is its ambiguity. When we sleep with a dream, we see and feel the unknown, and when we wake, there is the longing for connectivity, revelation and a glimpse into the meaning of our lives.

This post is an invitation for you to describe what a dream means to you, or share a dream that has given you a sense of a life celebrated and deeply loved.

In Celebration of a Life Deeply Loved 01

Dionanna Lady McFadden-Smith

In Celebration of a Life Deeply Loved 01

A Rose

A long slender Rose represents my life

The Rose is sensitive, elegant, delicate…

But Vicious

Harsh to the touch


She makes you want to touch but

You may not touch

Sharp thorns protect her

The Rose is peace, love, beauty

Her red petals speak of love,

Passion, deep down feelings

The Rose needs care

Lots of care

Water, water…constantly

Soil…Rich soil nurtures her mind

Makes her beautiful

The ground is her home

Hard, solid, tough

Nature is her world



Lady McFadden

February 10th 1992