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Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

A favorite form of renewal for me is meditation. The quiet process of becoming self-aware. Often in my meditation practice I bring my awareness to the energy centers of the body. Most notably defined as the chakras. The 4th chakra featured in this challenge of renewal is known as the heart chakra Anahata. Green is the color of this chakra. At the center of any kind of renewal is the heart. When this chakra is in balance, we are open to love, renewal and expression. This work of art is part of The Silence Series: Chakra Colors For Meditation.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

This piece is one of my favorites. In designing this digital collage I was attempting to bring the mind to a point of focus. Everlasting Consciousness. The Awareness of Light. This piece may not necessarily point to more traditional forms of geometric art. But I do believe it does perhaps achieve an ethereal, spacial, mathematical sensibility. Consciousness is design. Consciousness in its geometric form … is Divine.

New Landscapes: Fall In Play 03 – Pause

New Landscapes: Fall In Play 03 - Pause

After an hour of exploring the various ups and downs of the terrain, Nancy feels the need for a pause in play. Taking a moment to catch her breath and letting the beauty of the day sink it. Autumn has a way of bringing moments to a standstill. Allowing us to embrace a much-needed connection with ourselves. Its transformational essence can stimulate our senses and bring joy to our lives. Let’s pause in play and fall in love with the day.

New Landscapes: Fall In-Between

New Landscapes: Fall In-Between

the narrow way
the descent
the broad way
– to it

Life in recovery through the colors of art
Finding the true self on the path of liberation …


The Secret Place Of Lingering Memories

The Secret Place Of Lingering Memories

the life of memories
an endless vastness
– timeless
without world’s end
stretching beyond yesterday’s dream
and tomorrow’s infinite horizon

the life of memories
and its inner fortress
– the secret place


What You Know To Be Right Is What Someone Has Told You

What You Know To Be Right Is What Someone Has Told You

on a quiet shore
a solitary figure
not unlike yourself
shattered by the day
delineated by the question
of rights and wrongs
in life …
again and again


What Do You Feel When You Look Skyward

What Do You Feel When You Look Skyward

i often look skyward
to direct my focus inward
sometimes feeling the sky speak
as I see things in a different light.
– than yesterday

the rain has gone
falling earthbound
– like the pepples of broken nights
with my dreams
lost in weary shadows
not to far behind
– from yesterday’s rising sun

Another Earth

No longer outside my window, but here within … Another Earth

Another Earth

Peaceful – Beautiful – Magnificent

 – the home within our hearts …

Post Canvas And Paint: Another Meaningful World

Outside my window, in a virtuous world, there can only be … a willingness to let go.

Another Meaningful World

if every day

it meant something

–          to you

–          to the mirror in me

to protect the heart

even the whole of the world

would i hold my dying breath

to let it all go …

Post Canvas And Paint: Another Industrial World (A Future Lost Remix)

Outside my window, in the last industrial park, the remnants of dreams lost and a world decaying…

Another Industrial World

the industrial age has come and gone

a global feudal state awaits for the masses

– perhaps

but for now we can only look to a future unknown

as the structure of civilization unravels