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The Secret Place Of Lingering Memories

The Secret Place Of Lingering Memories

the life of memories
an endless vastness
– timeless
without world’s end
stretching beyond yesterday’s dream
and tomorrow’s infinite horizon

the life of memories
and its inner fortress
– the secret place


What You Know To Be Right Is What Someone Has Told You

What You Know To Be Right Is What Someone Has Told You

on a quiet shore
a solitary figure
not unlike yourself
shattered by the day
delineated by the question
of rights and wrongs
in life …
again and again


What Do You Feel When You Look Skyward

What Do You Feel When You Look Skyward

i often look skyward
to direct my focus inward
sometimes feeling the sky speak
as I see things in a different light.
– than yesterday

the rain has gone
falling earthbound
– like the pepples of broken nights
with my dreams
lost in weary shadows
not to far behind
– from yesterday’s rising sun

Another Earth

No longer outside my window, but here within … Another Earth

Another Earth

Peaceful – Beautiful – Magnificent

 – the home within our hearts …

Post Canvas And Paint: Another Meaningful World

Outside my window, in a virtuous world, there can only be … a willingness to let go.

Another Meaningful World

if every day

it meant something

–          to you

–          to the mirror in me

to protect the heart

even the whole of the world

would i hold my dying breath

to let it all go …

Post Canvas And Paint: Another Industrial World (A Future Lost Remix)

Outside my window, in the last industrial park, the remnants of dreams lost and a world decaying…

Another Industrial World

the industrial age has come and gone

a global feudal state awaits for the masses

– perhaps

but for now we can only look to a future unknown

as the structure of civilization unravels

Post Canvas And Paint: Into Recollection 03

Recollection is the means in which we are awaken to the essential…

Recollection is freedom from the superficial

Recollection is an awakening to the essential, a journey to the absolute or ever-deepening awareness which never ceases to be all-important and in its light alone everything else discloses its true meaning. It is a meaningful integration or union of the entire person; a realization of its true self out of the depths of its being. It is the soul knowing and becoming aware.

Meditate with intent…


Post Canvas And Paint: Into Recollection 02

Distraction can also be thought of as the inability to discern what is the object of our focus…

Recollection and contemplation

There are times when speaking of distraction we mean that we are so imprisoned by a certain object or emotion, that there is the inability to concentrate voluntarily on any other object. This phenomena can be thought of as distraction in a relative sense only. It is not that we are unable to concentrate or focus at all, but find it impossible to control our attention at will; unable to release it from the object or emotion that has captured it. We are without the means or capacity to direct our attention to the object which at that time should be the focus our attention.

Meditation is the beginning of Recollection…

Post Canvas And Paint: Into Recollection 01

Distraction can be thought of as the inability to focus or concentrate…

From distraction to recollection

… What then is recollection? It is chiefly an antithesis to distraction. We can say that sometimes we are unable to recollect ourselves in meditation: we are at once distracted. We are unable to focus our attention on any one point; we are controlled by the endless stream of thought and the embodiment of our associations; our mind is scattered; the complexity of life is perplexed. In its proper revelation, this state of mind, in which we cannot attend fully to any one object and fail to penetrate the logos of being, but carried away by the machinations of fantasy, is defined as distraction.

In The Dark I Can’t Safely Say (A What My Life Has Meant Remix)

A path with unspoken words and transcending moments…

The path in life

i often wonder
if i am misunderstood 
 - by me
in my every waking moment ...

A Spark Of Life Revealing Itself

The patterned floor of my imagination led me to the light…

Moving towards the light from places unknown

like a maze

 – it felt

when i walked

toward myself


into the light

The Waking Dream That Brings Such Beautiful Light

Sometimes it only takes a moment to feel a dream has something to say….

The waking dream in the morning light

a soft moment …

of transition

– sleeping in slumber

– waking in peace

an ethereal awareness



– in the present moment


in an intuitive way

 – to life

 – to meaning

a very dreaming day …


Images For Android Phones: New Landscapes – 05

Images For Android Phones: New Landscapes - 05

As my every step led me closer to the edge of things unknown, the music became my refuge …


Images For Android Phones: New Landscapes – 04

Images For Android Phones: New Landscapes - 04

The very last step I ever took, led me to the edge of time …


Images For Android Phones: New Landscapes – 03

Images For Android Phones: New Landscapes - 03

With every step along the way, I saw things differently …


Images For Android Phones: New Landscapes – 01

Images For Android Phones: New Landscapes - 01

With every step I leave something behind …


Post Canvas And Paint: Images For Android Phones 04

Post Canvas and Paint: Images For Android Phones

embrace the sky
dreaming …
let the light unfold

Post Canvas And Paint: Abstract 03 – The Consuming Sky

As the sky fell to earth I heard a memory, and it was not so long ago that I fell in love….

The consuming sky

A poet feels the impulse to create a work of art when the passive awe provoked by an event is transformed into a desire to express that awe in a rite of worship. – W. H. Auden

Post Canvas and Paint….

Everything Changes Except A Persistent Memory (A Think You Know Remix)

We often find ourselves on the boundaries of what we remember….

Everything changes except a persistent memory

Sometimes in a moment of realization, in a glimmer of mindfulness, we can see the totality of our lives: The days spent with dreams. The nights, restless—consumed with thought. The years forged with the desire to be something—perhaps anything other than who we are. And in the end, an uncertainty that begs the question; do all things change except a persistent memory?

Perhaps we really do not know ourselves at all, and in its place we find only a recurring memory to give us pause.

A fine line of demarcation of what is and what we imagine; who we are and what we might have become.

It is a fortress of endless cycles of memories and desires that seduce the very knowledge of who we are and the way we think.

We know that everything is in constant flux. Everything changes. Our lives change and the world around us as well.

It is a given.

Yet it feels like our memories, the persistent ones, never do….

Music For Parks And City Streets (A Day Like No Other Remix)

The city series….

Sitting by the river, standing on the corner, music for parks and city streets

The moments we find time standing still…

Music is energy …

It captures the imagination and sets the soul on fire. It frees our thoughts and liberates our dreams. It illuminates the night stars and sets the day in motion.

Music is lucid …

We dream to music. We create to music. We make love to music. It touches and caresses. It embraces our intimate space.

Music is you and I …

It gathers the crowd on a beautiful day. It sings the songs our hearts have found. It teaches and consoles. It soothes our spirit at birth and death.

Music is humanity … restored.

For you and I it was a day like no other as we walked together … dreaming and listening….

In celebration of a summer day to come. A picnic with the band The Januaries and their song Chocolate and Strawberries…


The Silence Series: Chakra Colors For Meditaiton – Vishuddha (Pale Blue)

Colors that bond us with our imagination and All That Is….

I believe that this chakra truly applies to all of us, but especially to the heart of the artist, writer, poet and all individuals who love to create. It is the motivating energy source for self-expression. We as artists and writers live our lives searching for our voice; manipulating images, dancing through forms, designing structures, solving equations and imploring words, searching for the right combination to get our ideas across. And in the process we discover new things about ourselves. We learn to  share with confidence. This is the power of the 5th chakra.

The Sanskrit word for the 5th chakra is Vishuddha which is translated as meaning pure. When this chakra is in balance you feel confident in speaking your truth. Some of the keywords associated with Vishuddha are creative expression, knowledge, abundance and flowing manifestation. It is governed by the thyroid, metabolism and the immune system. The location of this chakra is the area surrounding the throat. The sense is hearing and the sound associated with it is HAM.

Slowly bring your attention to the throat area and silently repeat the mantra …  HAM … HAM … HAM…

The 5th chakra Vishuddha

Peace be with you on your journey inward….


Every Artist Deserves A Look Back (A “Best Of” Remix)

This has been a fantastic weekend. I am the featured artist at the dVerse poets pub. Many of the poets that participate and share their poems have given me a lot of positive response. And I certainly do appreciate it. It is motivating and inspirational. Late last night, it came to me that I should share some of my most popular posts. I have only been blogging for 13 months, and have explored a host of themes, concepts and ideas. Below you will find links to the 5 most popular posts so far. They were determined by the number of comments and likes by my readers. I have included thumbnails of each image in the posts. They are in the order of their popularity.


To the right side of my design (a force of nature remix)


Weekly photo challenge - between


The silence series: urban meditation


The path to everlasting consciousness and love (a yellow brick road remix)


We are the everlasting consciousness (a centered moment remix)


The Silence Series: Chakra Colors For Meditation – ANAHATA (Green)

At the core of All That Is … is the Heart….

I think this is my favorite chakra. It seems to resonate with me in a deep and profound way. While meditating I reach out towards the heart within; rejoicing in its beating pulse, embracing the connection to my life’s blood, and falling in love with the healing energy. This is ANAHATA, the Heart chakra. The principles guiding this chakra are Love, Faith, Duty, Awakening and Devotion. The energy source of this chakra provides healing and functionality for the respiratory, circulatory, and immune systems. It’s related sense: Touch.

With gentle ease and focus bring your attention to the 4th chakra which can be found in the heart region. Breathe in the rich sustaining color of deep green. This is the source of unconditional love (in giving and receiving) and the home of profound openness. When open, you feel the power of love and the willingness to go forth without fear or resentment. There is a great sense of peace and harmony with yourself, life, and All That Is….

It is a good practice to try to maintain your focus on each chakra for about 5 to 10 minutes.

The sound of the 4th chakra is … YAM.

Breathe in the rich color of deep green and repeat the mantra … YAM … YAM … YAM …

The 4th chakra ANAHATA

I want to give a special thanks to Deepak Chopra, whose teachings are a major source of my inspiration and information for this series.


Music For Backgrounds: Ajad – Reiki Vol. 2 (Reiki Music 2: Music for Love)

The wonder of healing and finding the true Self … resting in peace with All That Is…

Today, I awoke to some very inspiring posts. They brought to my attention the essence of our lives spent in gratitude for All That Is and our remarkable ability to be creative, while discerning our immense capacity to love and be loved…

This morning I wrote a short text to my sister, telling her I loved her dearly. February, is a difficult month for us. Both my Mother’s and daughter’s birthdays are this month. Both, including my father, sadly have passed away. It is just her and I now.

I needed to reach out to my sister, share the love, tell her that she was in my thoughts and I hold her dear….

I am in the middle of my Chakra Colors for Meditation series. A collection of mindful images that I hope promotes a desire to journey within—to find a place of healing, peace, and love. I thought an interlude that included some soothing Reiki music would be just the thing to enhanced your contemplative experience of the day

Remember to breathe softly, focus your attention and stay centered.

Ajad – Reiki Vol 2 (Reiki Music 2: Music for Love) 59:53


Here is the link to The Silence Series: Chakras Colors for Meditation – 1st chakra Muladhara (Red)