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variations | and the voices we hear

and the voices we hear text

And the voices we hear, never explain how we feel or why …



If That Place Comes Again


Someday I Won’t Be Here

And You

in my reflective tranquility
a subtle moment
a life and breath away

Post Canvas and Paint: Variations | We Can’t Sleep in Complete Darkness all the Time | With Mark Rothko

If there is something to be discovered, it is here in the waking. Seeing things as they really are. Leaving the objects of reality behind. And realizing we can’t sleep in complete darkness all the time.

“I think of my pictures as dramas, the shapes in the pictures are the performers. They have been created from the need for a group of actors who are to move dramatically without embarrassment and execute gestures without shame.” ~ Mark Rothko

This is definitely my last post of 2012 🙂
Peace and Light my friends.

Post Canvas and Paint: Variations | When Fainting with Mark Rothko

A searing moment. Trying to define what has occurred. You saw the painting and felt something awaken. Now it fades as you faint into the light. And only a dream awaits.

“The most important tool for the artist fashions through constant practice is faith in his ability to produce miracles when they are needed. Pictures must be miraculous: the instant one is completed, the intimacy between the creation and the creator is ended. He is an outsider. The picture must be for him, as for anyone experiencing it later, a revelation, an unexpected and unprecedented resolution of an eternally familiar need.” ~ Mark Rothko

This will be my last posting of 2012 (US Eastern time zone). See you … in your thoughts, in 2013.

Post Canvas and Paint: Variations | Emerging Colors with Mark Rothko

This piece is heavily influence by the work of Mark Rothko.

The imagination is found inside the events of the day; forming various associations and perspectives in which to see things in a new light. Emerging with experimentation and discovery, the viewer is free to find what is hidden.


Post Canvas and Paint: Variations | Fading Light with Mark Rothko

Faint text final small file

Today I had the pleasure of attending a Mark Rothko exhibit at the Columbia Museum of Art in Columbia, South Carolina. The exhibit was entitled The Decisive Decade | 1940’s. The work was an exploration of his association with myth, and dreams leading up to his more prominent work in abstraction. It was a very informative exhibit. I was fortunate to have seen, years ago, an exhibit of his more well-known work from the 1950’s and beyond at a Philadelphia Museum of Art retrospective. I really like his work, as I do most of the abstract artists of that period. While viewing the exhibit at its conclusion, I felt inspired to perhaps again, start doing some large-scale painting. Something I have neglected to do over the years. His work in abstract painting, as he described it, was to fill his sense of deprivation. Deprivation was the central motivation for his abstract work. Hard to explain, but only the abstract could fill the mystical union of the unconscious and the formality of the outer world. Forming an entity unto itself in abstract terms. As I sat there and pondered the use of this medium and style of painting, I suddenly wanted to find the simplicity to express with my hands–outside the box of the computer. Simplicity being the center of this revelation. Bold flat colors, simple geometric forms in which to speak directly to the viewer. A contrast to my digital work perhaps. Which leads me to this piece “Fading Light with Mark Rothko”. It is a combination of the two worlds. Digital and painting. I often find myself pursuing visually an image of multiple themes and layers; ideas built around my personal experiences. One thing I discovered in this exhibit, was Rothko’s desire. A desire, in his pursuit of the abstract, to leave his personal interpretation behind, allowing the viewer to incorporate their own consciousness into the work. Again in this piece, I am searching for a more direct expression.

As part of this Post Canvas and Paint: Variations series, I will periodically be attempting to post a piece that leans toward a simple form of visual composition. I also will be using these posts as a place to experiment with the various Adobe Photoshop tools. Remember … “Nothing is ever collected in one moment”.