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30-Day Song Challenge: Day 18 – a song you hear often on the radio (Itunes – M2 live from Paris)

30-Day Song Challenge: Day 18 – Asks the question what is a song that you hear often on the radio?

Stephane Pompougnac – remixes

Hotel Costes vol 1 mixed by Stephane Pompougnac

http://youtu.be/bIyc2as7h_k – Ghosts & Roses

http://youtu.be/1D70kcZvgZc – Union Square

http://youtu.be/_hqhq37ifeo – Summer in Paris

http://youtu.be/HiB_ns4lmMU – Amour

http://youtu.be/IC5kuwgFOls – Champs Elysees

http://youtu.be/ntM59FkTpME – One Night in Rio

http://youtu.be/xB3XbZ4nk50 –  Zwing Ting – The Streamers – mixed by Stephane Pompougnac

Here are seven songs that I am sure have had heavy play in Paris, France. Stephane Pompougnac is the resident DJ at the famous Hotel Costes. For the last decade he has been mixing an incredible diverse sound of trip-hop, bossa nova, chill, house, and hip-hop for the Hotel Costes series. The groove is there and the beat flows. I highly recommend checking out this series as well as the Buddha Bar series. The Buddha Bar is another restaurant bar club in Paris, that is frequented by stars and the like and is hosted by different DJ’s. My favorite Buddha Bar mixer is DJ Ravin. Stayed tuned for a look at the playlist of the Buddha Bar series as well.

Hotel Costes vol 5 mixed by Stephane Pompougnac