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New Landscapes: Fall In Expressionism

New Landscapes: Fall In Expressionism

It appeared seductively
In Autumn’s sweet voice
Whispering with a vision

Beautiful am I not
Here with you
Coloring your day



New Landscapes: Fall In Dreams

New Landscapes: Fall In Dreams

it’s there
left Behind
in an autumn past
– your dreams

memories in decay
like falling leaves
with nothing
– to believe


New Landscapes: Fall In Fashion – Hiking Boots

New Landscapes: Fall In Fashion - Hiking Boots

burnt umber
and golden-yellow
reddish tints
and layered colors
trace the path
fore and aft

a distant waterfall
cascading just beyond
my intrepid reach
– married
to the tonal beauty
that surrounds it

It’s Autumn in the mountains of North and South Carolina. Time for a moment of inner reflection, tranquility, and a zen-like trek; to be found in the ascension. And realized at the summit of sky and earth


New Landscapes: Fall In Fashion – Windbreaker

New Landscapes: Fall In Fashion - Windbreaker

This past summer; a beautiful discovery – a lovely beach of sand and surf; Tybee Island in Georgia near the historic City of Savannah. Now the warm rays of the sun and the hot, humid air has slowly turned crisp and cool as Autumn and Fall have arrived. A quaint bed and breakfast stay is in the conversation and beckons us to return. The prospect of long lingering walks on nearly deserted beaches entice our senses. What’s the in-wear for Fall walks on the beach? For me, it all starts with the perfect windbreaker; blue nylon cover with soft white cotton inner, and hoodie. You’re on the beach, so shorts are still in order, (no matter how chilled it is), graphic T, or striped polo, with low-top Chuck Taylors. For Nancy, it’s all about her wearing her favorite windbreaker (yellow) as well. She’s also in a light pink wool sweater, brown corduroy leggings and pink high-top Chucks. It’s a long lovely walk on the edge of the ocean. The azul blue sky with scattered white coulds surrounding our every step. Our conversation and laughter going hand in hand with the pulse of the day.


New Landscapes: Fall In Fashion – Cardigan Sweater

New Landscapes: Fall In Fashion - Cardigan Sweater

It’s Fall season in New York City. My girl, Nancy and I are heading to the Sunday afternoon matinĂ©e at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The Next Wave Festival is in full swing until January. And we are very excited to see the work of Pina Bausch, and the legendary dance theater pioneer’s final work entitled “… como el musguito en la piedra, ay si, si, si …” performed by her dance company the Tanztheater Wuppertal and inspired by the distinctive musical and cultural traditions of Chile.

A Sunday matinĂ©e in Autumn, in NYC definitely calls for a relaxed yet stylish Fall look. That’s why I’m wearing a gray cardigan sweater over a blue fitted button-up shirt with a striped blue and white wool tie, Gap original 1969 jeans, and kicks by Converse. My girl … she’s fine too. Relentlessy fine. It’s Fall. It’s New York City.


New Landscapes: Fall In Season

New Landscapes: Fall In Season

a life is beautiful
when it’s warmth and memory
takes you back
to the place where all this started
this love of life
this meaningful pulse
colored in nature’s heaven

Maggie Valley, North Carolina


New Landscapes: Fall In Motion

New Lanscapes: Fall In Motion

The leaves will soon be changing
Falling on unyielding trails
The air crisp and chilled
Sweeping through barren trees
And the lightly falling snow

Fall on the mountain –
Our bikes in fluid motion


New Landscapes: Fall In Abstract – Flight

New Landscapes: Fall In Abstract - Flight

a dragonfly in flight
– in May
on summer’s wispy wind
taking hold of the endless day

the warmth in subtle greens and blues
now twilight in Fall’s approach


New Landscapes: Fall From Summer

New Landscapes: Fall From Summer

Gotta find my way back
– home
Gotta find a road
To bring me back soon
To you

A beautiful journey
From Summer
To a far-off horizon
– in Fall


New Landscapes: Fall In Reflection – Part 02

New Landscapes: Fall In Reflection - Part 02

Part 2 of Fall In Reflection. A Compositional change in form; moving toward subtle abstraction.