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A horoscope perspective for a Gemini the twin / 1/13/2011

To see ourselves in multiple views, is to know ourselves as one

Astrologer Hunter Reynolds says that when you are at your best, you Geminis specialize in “enlightened impatience.” You don’t get trapped expressing polite deference in situations that drain your energy. You don’t tolerate boring experiences just because they’re supposed to be good for you. You’d rather “err on the side of learning-through-too-much-movement” than get bogged down in “principled sluggishness.” But while that’s how you are when you’re at your peak, you can also be susceptible to the dark side of this talent. Sometimes you abort a potential breakthrough by prematurely fleeing a useful but difficult scene. I suspect you may be prone to that kind of behavior right now. My advice: Be skeptical of your escape reflex.

Friends who move intrepidly through themselves are invaluable

Self portrait with dreadlocks circa: 1994

Hi Leslee,

What a remarkable blog you are contributing to us all. I am profoundly amazed at the way you have examined and expressed what we all go through i.e. the fears, the attachments, the expectations. The spiritual, artistic and philosophical understanding you possess is a joy to know and  your sharing is transforming the way, we who know you, see ourselves. The fact that you are utilizing your intuitive knowledge and your years as a Buddhist Nun in moving forward, are a tribute to the recollection of the Higher Self.

I can relate to the experience of your “going to the salon,” in order to find yourself through change. In 1997 after eight years of having dreadlocks, I remember the decision to cut them. Wow, what a defining and prolific moment that was. I was sitting there watching years of love and care, of spirit and dedication fall to the floor. It had occurred to me as well, that this was a moment where my life was changing. Moments in life are a continuum of change. Transformation is a fact.

Art has always been a vehicle and tool for change, for transforming our misunderstanding into awareness. I appreciate so well your connected sense of being to your art as it mirrors my own.  To have a friend who moves intrepidly through herself is invaluable.

Thanks for the great post and namaste.