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variations | Foundations

a life of Foundations …

variations | Fragments

a heart in Fragments …

experiment: the world behind you | video art


“Experiment: The World Behind You” explores the concept of modern technology, our attachments and addictions, and the dark path of obsession. It examines from a surreal and futuristic perspective their connection to self, society, and our sense of ambiguity: Are our attachments a “deep dark place or a beautiful heaven”? It can seem like both when lost in the daily obsession of their complexity.

“Experiment: The World Behind You” continues my experiment series. The video consists of royalty free video clips and my own videography. What I am most excited about is the sound scape design that I produced. I love music and the concept of creating ambient noise and distinctive sounds. I hope to create even more interesting and challenging soundscapes to accompany my video concepts.

experiment: from eternity to you and i | video art


Last night I completed another video in my “Experiment” series entitled: From Eternity To You and I. I am quite excited about the results. I used various visual and audio elements in the video, including video clips, production music, and sound effects. Along with my own original video clips. I recently found a great video stock company called Video Blocks that provides high quality HD formatted videos clips, soundtracks in all genres, effects, titles, plug-ins and sound effects. The most exciting elements of this piece in producing it, was the video editing and sound editing. I am still adjusting to learning the various tools for more precise sculpturing of elements e.g. sound layering. But all in all I can see the potential for increased creativity. My goal is to move more toward the abstract, both in sound and imagery. Keeping in pace with the themes of Surrealism, Futurism and Dadaism.

life has its own destiny apart from your dreams | video art

A meditative video on the essence of dreams, the pursuit of happiness and the interaction of destiny. Music by ambient artist Sawako.

If There Is A Light You Are Looking For … You Will Find It Outside Your Window

As I followed the light, the journey was not long, as I soon found what I was looking for …

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond | Design


Beyond imagination, are the creative designs in which we can find ourselves.

This theme is energetic, bold and fluid. A design onto itself.

The Sunrise From Inside (A New Inner Vibrancy Remix)

At the start of a new day, the world inside … alive with promise.


Post Canvas and Paint: Variations | Light and Dark

Post Canvas and Paint: Variations | Light and Dark

Well for the last several months, all of the art I’ve been posting has been created using a Samsung phone and the PicsArt app. In some instances, I combined older digital work, with newly created pieces. It was a challenge to work in such a small environment. But I must say, it did feel like I was walking around with a sophisticated notepad and colored pencils. Now I am happy to say that I am now sitting in front of my new Windows 8 desktop. Big screen. More processing power. And although I am now using the pre-installed Adobe Photo Elements instead of my more familiar Corel Photo Paint Pro, I am happy to have considerably more freedom to create art and the capability to write with more depth and length. I have always used Corel over Adobe, so this will be a learning curve. Here is my first entry using the Adobe software. I will be experimenting and posting the results.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise


What a great surprise to find out that my grandson Aden is an artist. This picture rocks. Thanks for the inspiration Aden. See you soon.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections | Cats, Reflections, and Surrealism

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections | Cats, Reflections, and Surrealism

Some reflections can be found in nature: Elements of light, time, Spirit, and material compositions coming together to create moments of beauty. Then there are man-made reflections; designs, concepts, ideas, and digital manipulations, creating new ways of seeing a world in reflection. Here is an example of the latter: My cats, my design studio, and an idea that reflects my vision.


art and thoughts remixed | an abstraction of historical things – intro

art and thoughts remixed | an abstraction of historical things - intro

On the beach. With memories and historical things.

I am starting a new series. Or will at least move in that direction. Lots of history to my life; some joyous moments full of magic, some of it dark and full of lost. Explored and exposed. Expressed in art and penned in prose. Remixed and reinterpreted. Image and diary.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

A favorite form of renewal for me is meditation. The quiet process of becoming self-aware. Often in my meditation practice I bring my awareness to the energy centers of the body. Most notably defined as the chakras. The 4th chakra featured in this challenge of renewal is known as the heart chakra Anahata. Green is the color of this chakra. At the center of any kind of renewal is the heart. When this chakra is in balance, we are open to love, renewal and expression. This work of art is part of The Silence Series: Chakra Colors For Meditation.

a rewind: n e w d i g i t a l s c a p e s: the abstract series (and some thoughts on joy and expression)

A Rewind: N e w d i g i t a l s c a p e s: The Abstract Series (And Some Thoughts On Joy And Expression)

I recently published a small square, hard cover book of abstract digital art, poetry, and prose. What an exciting endeavor. The process was full of challenges, twists and turns (visually speaking), color, and contemplation. Many nights were spent with candles aflame, incense burning and music playing. In trying to find that inner connection, with all my experiences in life, I soon discovered the process that would motivate me unconditionally: Work with love. Work with intent. Art is a beautiful thing. Being in touch with the art of others is very inspiring and uplifting as well. As artists, writers, poets, and musicians we’ve come to love and appreciate the many vehicles for creative expression and community. Sharing our work is very important. Our blogs, books, exhibits, and performances are all vital in healing the soul of the planet. Our shared joys and tragedies find themselves being expressed and transformed via the beautiful and meaningful art that you and I create. Let us never forget, the significance of what we create, love and share.

Another Earth: Ferris Wheel

Just across the ocean, under a glistening sky, a new town, a turning place, one that we have yet to discover …

Another Earth: Ferris Wheel

there’s a happiness

come to earth

with its new birth

spinning lightly in the night sky

children play with their dreams

 – unaware

enchanted by the magic and loss

that has come to town

our every wishful moment

 – found here

on the Ferris Wheel of Life …


One of my favorite film soundtracks is BT’s Ferris Wheel – Love Theme from the film Monster starring Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci. A beautiful and haunting song. It hangs in the balance of love and life and its uncertainty.

Here is the link to Ferris Wheel – Love Theme


Post Canvas And Paint: Another Unknown World (A Thought Beyond Remix)

Outside my window and with every thought, I discovered the color and design of things unknown…

Another Unknown World

The colors are all in front of me and my world will never collapse from within…

Post Canvas And Paint: Another Timeless World (An Outside My Window Remix)

The feeling of motion, spacial and timeless; the secret call to go out and see …

Another Timeless World

There is a feeling, a blissful connection with self …

Here on the ascension …

Images For HD Video: The Perception Of Time (A Beating Heart Remix)

Reality is the way we see things …

http://youtu.be/2fYwhvPeRds — The Perception Of Time (A Beating Heart Remix) Copyright 2012 – Walter W Smith – Music by Stars of the Lid

While watching a recent NOVA program, entitled The Fabric of the Cosmos, I once again became fascinated with the subject of “time” and our perception of it. It appears scientifically, that time exists in a “space-time continuum”.  Simultaneously existing. Integrated. Both influencing each other. A theory developed by Albert Einstein. My video delves into the human condition of the beating heart as an integral part of past, present and future; as being one without division; all that ever was, is, and will be.

This reality, if one takes the scientific approach, will create for us, another way of thinking about our lives. It can produce an uncertainty of sorts. Does it relinquish us from our past? Does it make the present moment more significant? Does it liberate us from the fear of the unknown–the future? Do our attachments, our thoughts, even our beliefs change and reconstruct themselves? Does our change in perception change even our bodies on a molecular level? Do we become more infused with All There IS?

Yes, I believe so. I can only feel emancipated. Why, because it connects me to everything. I can feel my heart beating as it once did and as it will forever. I can sense the surge of the cosmos and the essence of eternity existing within my very being.

It is beautiful … my reality of time and my beating heart.

P.S. in 1984 I saw the production of Einstein on the Beach at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. It is a post-modern opera produced and created by Robert Wilson and Philip Glass. It is based on Einstein’s theory of the space-time continuum. Beautiful and energetic, I highly recommend viewing it on YouTube.

Here is a link to a segment of Einstein on the Beach.

http://youtu.be/Q80xaxpBWjY — Knee Play 5 by RQLVN

Post Canvas And Paint: Another Creative World (A On The Corner Remix)

On a corner, somewhere in my world, I can find a place … to embrace … imagination.

Another Creative World – On The Corner

It is here, in this world, in the experience that is my life, I find myself...

Post Canvas And Paint: A Bridge Never Too Far (A Seeing Through Everything Remix)

Standing on the edge of a place just beyond the other side…


Sometimes it is hard to remember what bridge has taken you this far and what lies just beyond the reach of your imagination. Be at peace. Rest assured. It is never too late to trust in a better tomorrow, as you cross the landscape of your vibrant dreams and lucid possibilities.

And as you commence on your journey, remember… only by seeing through everything can you ever hope to find the other side….

Images For HD Video: An Unfolding Night Next To You (A Scattered Storm Remix)

The night holds many mysteries when time stands still….

she remains transfixed
trapped in summer's night
contemplating the approaching storm

Searching for chance in the process of creating art.

Within the context of my digital and video work, the objective is to find visual ambient experiences. The process at times, is a stationary camera. Post-production: Unedited film, or with very minimal post editing and digital effects. With this piece, I altered the color tonality. The difficulty in the piece was balancing the black sky, now slightly colorized, while maintaining a brightness/contrast without compromising the visibility of the lightning strikes.

Art can be discovered by random chance.

An Unfolding Night Next To You is the first in a series of new HD experimental video work-in-progress. Some years ago, my first exploration of the still camera and chance recording was an hour-long piece entitled Oceans of Art. This 2012 video was filmed during a late night drive on HWY 221 in South Carolina through a scattered rain storm. Darkness, lightning strikes, pressing rain, and the headlights of passing cars all merge with the music of sound design artist, and master of glitch Alva Noto, creating an eerie journey into meditative abstraction. Rain drops falling on the window shield create a mosaic of pixel forms. These forms are constantly moving and manipulating the video. While sporadic lightning strikes fill the night sky. Patience is in order to gather the full ambient feeling of the piece. Things are there.

Recommended viewing: In a very dark room by single candle light.

http://youtu.be/-KKafg4qoaQ   –  Copyright 2012 – Walter Smith


Images For Android Phones: After Digital Art What’s Next

Images For Android Phones: After Digital Art What's Next

32 bit


Images For Android Phones: We’re At A Gallery With Another Distinct World In A Frame

Images For Android Phones: We're At A Gallery With Another Distinct World In A Frame

rushing to make
a first friday night
someone’s art
– and
someone’s poem
in a distinct
all their own

Post Canvas And Paint: Abstract 09 – The Unending Edge Of All Things

When I was reborn and when I died I remembered only one thing … I AM, All THAT IS – UNENDING….

The unending edge of all things

Creativity is an essential part of being human, a vital force without which we can exist, but not truly live. – Ann Cashman


Post Canvas and Paint….