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N E W D I G I T A L S C A P E S | V A R I A T I O N S – A link to my latest published art book



2013 was a very good year for creativity and artistic exploration: I created a series of video art pieces, that I feel stretched the potential of my imagination. That exploration also enabled me to learn a variety of technical skills in editing within the creative aspect of visual and musical composition. Check out my “Experiment: Data Complex” series. Most notably, my latter sub-series “The World” (4 videos). But I digress, the purpose of this post is to introduce my latest published book entitled:

N E W D I G I T A L S C A P E S | V A R I A T I O N S

In 2013, my photographic and digital artwork could overall, be found, in the “Variations” series. A remix of imagery that explored ambiguity, memories, dreams, and emotional constructs. The book is a total of 140 pages and features over 100 images in a large portrait format. The link above will forward you to my bookstore @ Blurb publishing. There you will be able to access a 37 page preview.

And last but not least, I would like to thank all my fellow bloggers, whose support in 2013 has been a great inspiration.


variations | into abstraction: the memory outside my window


variations | finding a beautiful place again

variations | finding a beautiful place again

variations | when, without moving we travel to a new vision

on the road
to Silence
> at last
quiet stillness

‘I think, therefore I am’, is far from the truth revealed in Silence (our thoughts are not who we are). As I move forward, stillness surrounds me. The ever-present moment awakens through the noise of distractions, attachments, thoughts. Creativity begins to make its presence known. The true vision that laid hidden … emerges.

There are moments, when traveling without moving; my mind turns inward. Often the idea for a new piece comes to me in the stillness of repetitive motion e.g. when driving home from work late at night or during the day riding my bike for hours. Both experiences are brought to a new level when simultaneously interwoven with ambient music of some kind: Inventive and emotional. Ethereal and far-reaching. Both movement and sound collapse the night and day into the black hole of my ever-expanding need for creativity. With each movement forward, with each night and day, like a sought out mystery, it mysteriously reveals itself. In Silence, I become one with my creative Truth.

Music for Backgrounds: Bvdub from the cd Resistance Is Beautiful and the track Nothing Like You. Perfect for that ride, drive or creative spark.


variations | the things we dream when all is forgiven

the late night
turned into day
> dream
you say …
when all is forgiven

variations | only the decades of our youth were left behind

it was a wonderful era
the years in decades;
things to dream
> and now
the dreams to leave behind

variations, rewind and remixes | postcards and influences 02

Some moments with Highwire Gallery, the Philadelphia Artist Cooperative, John Cage in performance, Digital Voice, fellow artist and friend Paul Curci, and my solo digital exhibition “Sometimes In the Waking the Reality is More Pressing than the Dream.” at Villanova University Art Gallery. The years 1987 through 2001.

Below are links to the original posts that I am using for these variations, rewind and remixes.



variations | you can’t hide your dreams in familiar places

when a dream becomes
a familiar place
we find solace in its awakening

variations | your heart has been here before

framed by time
expressed in love
your heart in mine

variations | art matters

Over the past few months I have been creating digital artwork within a series called “Variations”. It developed out of a soul-searching experience I had with an exhibit I saw by Abstract Expressionist Mark Rothko on display late last year at the Columbia Museum of Art in Columbia, South Carolina. Memories, dreams, aspirations, magic and loss have all found their way in different forms of expression throughout the series.

One of the developing constructs of the work is how do I relate to the thoughts that exist within the framework of my daily life? I think all of us, artists and non-artists alike, struggle with this and many other questions. One of the questions that has emerged for me is … does art matter? Has it changed anything of any significance in my life? Yes and no. Yes, I long to create. I am pleased with every waking moment that I find the impulse to create. For there has been many days, weeks, months, and even years when the drive to produce art could not be found. It is undoubtably a beautiful thing to shape your craft into self-expression. But to what end? Is there really any escaping the reality of lost things; loved ones who have passed away, beautiful times gone by, aspirations fallen short, collapsed dreams? What weighs more? Art or life? For me, in truth, I create art to either “escape” or find “answers”. No, art does not always save. No real answers here. And maybe that is the point. Perhaps the only meaning to life or purpose for living is to be blessed with the breath of a new day. Then take your pen, or brush, or camera, or whatever serves as your way of expression and try to find that which will give you peace. Even if it is, only for a moment.