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your world beginning | a life of contradictions and disappearing things – day 5

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Day – 5 in the “Your World Disappearing” series brings us into a life of contradictions and disappearing things. Filmed in part in Asheville, NC, the film examines isolation, entropy, conflicting realities, and reflection. Multiple layers of contrasting elements explore our ambiguities as to what is real and what is an illusion: Life in all its complexity has multiple paths, roads, objectives and choices.


give your falling tears to memories and songs | extended remix

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A remix of new and extended audio and visual material to further convey the expressive mood of ambiguity, magic and lost and the ending of things.

form and void | your world disappearing | video art

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My fifth video “Form and Void”, in my short film series entitled “Your World Disappearing” continues the exploration of ambiguity, magic and lost, and on the edge of everything ending. Again, I am using film that I shot from various locales such as the shore, mountains, and forest combined with some sampled imagery to bring this series into an elemental sense of organic ambiance. I composed the music from samples and each piece is constructed to give the feeling of alienation, detachment and a bittersweet wonderment.

New Landscapes: Winter – The Hardness Of The Chill

New Landscapes: Winter - The Hardness Of The Chill

somewhere in my life
in my thoughts
in my past moments with …
i see your words
describe the way i feel
at this very moment …
– lost and abandoned
the hardness of the chill within
weathered by your storm

the screaming inside your memories
like the passion of war against the night
a broken obstacle …
to the building of your dreams
and the cold fears to come
never alone without this loss
and the hardness of the chill within