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a rewind | sunrise and chakra flowers for meditation

“Sometimes our thoughts and feelings take us places we can no longer go … However, in the waking sunrise of a new day, we can, in our meditation, understand our thoughts anew and find places full of insight, rejuvenation, and tranquility”. ~ Walter Smith

In keeping with the pursuit of tranquility and the essence of Zen that I focused on in my recent video entitled “Experiment: Zen Meditation | Landscapes for Well Being”, here is a rewind of a collage with the same theme from 2009. My next post: “variations | sunrise and chakra flowers for meditation”. As in all my pieces in the variation series, I am using this image as a starting point to reach a new compositional insight.


A Rewind: The Silence In Urban Meditation | The Silence Series

A Rewind: The Silence In Urban Meditation | The Silence Series

Urban Meditation 03

In the city, the choices that become attachments lead us into the noise of our thoughts.

“The Silence Series” is one of my favorite series of works. The format of the each series consist of nine images that slowly evolves through the theme. Simplicity and meditation is the central focus of the collection. Select “The Silence Series” tag to see the entire collection.

“The Silence In Urban Meditation” reflects on the city as a place of ambiguity. Where the distraction inherent to city life, is the perfect place to foster a meditation practice of silence.


A Rewind: Paris | The River Seine

A Rewind: Paris | The River Seine

In 1990 I had the pleasure of going to Paris, France. I took the trip alone from the Netherlands. What an adventure seeing this beautiful city. I visited all the major museums in the city center along the river Seine. And of course the Eiffel Tower, the Latin Quarter and surrounding areas. I will always remember that moment in front of the Nord, thinking I was a long way from home.


A Rewind: Skyfall

A Rewind: Skyfall

a deep moment
in blue
the sky falling
with you