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All I Ask Is That I Am Allowed To Have A Voice

The beauty of art in all its various disciplines is the formulation of ideas. At the core of those ideas is a social, historical, political, and creative construct that merges our identity with our life experience.

All I ask is that I am allowed to have a voice….

I have a voice ... I have hope ... I have you to listen

why do i have a voice

is it to liberate




bring together the gathering of




do I dance to give voice

paint to give voice

act to give voice

react to give voice

how am i heard


and tell me


your voice whispers to me….

Tell me what your voice means to you. How do you express and connect with the inner longing of your dreams; the ideas that keep you up at night; the need to share something, everything with everyone you meet?

This post is inspired by the voice of Bill T. Jones / Choreographer, Dancer and Artistic Director

Share your voice….


The Dreams We Seek Descend Like the Colors Purple Blue and White

A dream is like a palette of colors we sleep with every night….

Dreaming in purple and blue

Moments that follow you everywhere are like the dreams that wake you from sleep….

The Granite Wall of Thoughts Still Remain

I look out beyond my surroundings only to find the granite wall of thoughts … leaving me perplexed….

It is in my thoughts that I face myself

Standing at the edge of everything … my back against the wall….

A Granite Wall of Thoughts

Sometimes we want to see things, but the granite wall of thoughts obscure our desires….

It's a granite wall of thoughts with green dreams

Moments Descend On My Mind Like White Red and Yellow Colors

Often the thoughts in color are just shaded in white….

Moments in thought

The Silence in Transformation

Towards the transformation that your Mind can see….

The act or process of transforming somebody or something.

Transformation 01

Transformation 02

One powerful way to evoke compassion, and to transform is to think of others as exactly the same as you.

“All human beings are the same—made of human flesh, bones, and blood. We all want happiness and want to avoid suffering. Further, we have an equal right to be happy. In other words, it is important to realize our sameness as human beings.” Dalai Lama

Transformation 03

Transformation 04

when the View is constant
the flow of Rigpa unfailing
and the merging of the two luminosities continuous and spontaneous
all possible delusion is liberated at its very root
and your entire perception arises, without a break, as Rigpa – Sogyal Rinpoche

Transformation 05

Transformation 06

Do not make the mistake of imagining that the nature of mind is exclusive only to our minds. It is in fact the nature of everything. It can never be said too often that to realize the nature of mind is to realize the nature of all things. – Sogyal Rinpoche

Transformation 07

Transformation 08

Moving through the transformation that the Heart can feel….

Transformation 09: Heart

Finding My Way Back Home

Finding My Way Back Home….

the road I know

has left me behind

so I go

through the rain

that pours like shadows

driving to find my way back home

Gotta find my way back home

The New Colonialism

Searching for the freedom beyond the new colonialism….

The New Colonialism

There is the old colonialism and the new. In years past Empires were made by invading “primitive” third world or developing countries. In a brutal process of conquest, nations achieved their goals of domination via enslavement, government control and wars.

Today colonialism still exist, however it can be argued that it takes on another form—insidious in nature but with the same result i.e. the raping and pillaging of a countries wealth and resources while eliminating its ability to be self-sufficient.

Today’s colonialism is financial in nature and is developed as a means to rule the wealth of others. In the past 30 years here in America we have seen the shift from a manufacturing based economy to a financial one. The deregulation, the explosion of the commodities markets, and the Wall Street mentality of greed have all played a part in a global construct to create a new society of those who have and those who have not. The 1% and 99ers are what we are left with.

In the old form of colonialism it was understood that control came by the means of dominating the wealth, trade, language and freedom of the people. This principal in general has not changed, but today the emphasis is on domination through the control of wealth—through a corrupt identity we have come to know as Capitalism.  This type of capitalism is based on a false economy; a paper economy.

True capitalism is when the people of different nations, societies, communities understand the importance of fair trade; where respect, common interest and gain are the goals. We see it everywhere, for example in America and developing countries with our community gardens and farmer markets; where the language and freedom of trade is a positive end shared by all.

The protests we see here in America and around the globe is a testimony to the people’s vision of a true form of capitalism. It is a struggle against economic tyranny of the most devastating kind.

What do you think? Is the path to solidarity in recognizing our common need? Can we, who are the true majority, find our common goal and live on this planet with harmony and love; and for that matter unselfishly?

How Do You Negotiate Your Time Between the Things You Love

Searching for that time, seeing it just beyond the window….

Finding the time for things we love

Do you ever feel like time is slipping by, and the things you love are being left behind?  And do you find you must choose between one thing and the other because of the lack of time?

Well over the past year I have found that I must negotiate my time wisely if I am to achieve some of my goals as an artist and pursue my love of outdoor adventure. During this fall period when the weather is so nice, I long for those exciting treks up and around the mountains of South and North Carolina. Yes, the mountains are calling, but then too is the late nights in my studio—in front of my computer, creating art, developing ideas, and writing.

What is one to do? My work schedule provides me with very little time for my personal activities. If I stay up late until 3 or 4 a.m., I do not have the energy for early rising and working out. The choices we make because of limited time, energy, and work schedules all play an important part in how we approach the things we love. A solution that I have found is to break up these different interests into separate yearly periods. With one activity being the most dominate. The past year my personal emphasis has been on my art, website and art blog with a minor contribution to outdoor activities. Instead of the daily schedule of work-outs (that I was consistent with 2 years ago), I opted for the big one day adventures such as all day biking, caving, zip-lining, and long hikes. As I approach 2012 and the New Year, I hope to perhaps find a strong 50/50 mix that includes gym workouts, outdoor adventures such as rock climbing, kayaking and perhaps even sky diving, while simultaneously furthering my artistic endeavors.

Do you find it difficult to juggle the things you love? How do you negotiate your time? Have your thought about 2012 and how to get the most out the New Year?

What do you think?

After the Inward Journey – Discovery

The human mind cannot create anything. It produces nothing until after having been fertilized by experience and meditation; its acquisitions are the gems of its production. – George-Louis Leclerc de Buffon

Creation is such an elusive thing, for the more we think we are in control, the more we remove ourselves from the actual creation. Betty Jean Billups

After the inward journey there is a world of discovery

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. – Edward de Bono

There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns. – Edward de Bono