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Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility 01

This is a very interesting challenge. The idea of conveying a possibility of something ultimately means it must change in one way or another. To find a representation of this theme, in a visual sense—is a challenge within itself, and presents many “possibilities” as well. As a visual artist, my first instinct is to explore how either my process as an artist creates various possibilities or how a “finished” piece often comes with many choices as to which one will be the final piece.

First up, the possibilities found in “A Work In Progress”.

When producing a “work in progress”, the objective is to explore various effects and allow the intuitive process to govern my decision-making. Within the parameters of this intuitive process is form, color, design and progression. In the slideshow below are only a few samples of the various “possibilities.”

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Stop by my previous post: “It Only Takes a Moment to See the Things You Left Behind” to see the final result of this work in progress.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility 02

The Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility is again, a fascinating question from an artist’s point of view. In my previous post I reflected on the various possibilities innate to the “work in progress” as the image moves towards a final piece. In this post I am examining the different choices or possibilities one has to consider when deciding which piece conveys as an end result, the best concept and design.

To Illustrate this I have chosen a post created earlier in the year entitled: “The Narrow Way: Choosing a Path”.

Below are four examples of the final piece. Each image explores a different visual sensibility. In coming to a conclusion of which image I would use for the post, I took in consideration the design, what part of the image I wanted to emphasize, and what image intuitively drew me to it.

To find out what image became the final piece for the post, click on the link below and enjoy “The Narrow Way: Choosing a Path”.


The narrow way: choosing a path

The narrow way: choosing a path

The narrow way: choosing a path

The narrow way: choosing a path

What do you think? What image resonates best with you? How do you finalize the possibility found in a diverse choice?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset 02

A creative moment on a bench during a slow sunset over time. It is a beautiful evening at Lake Greenwood in South Carolina. The shadows are long as the sun sets through the trees.

Sun setting at Lake Greenwood, SC

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

Meditation while witnessing a beautiful sunrise at Kure Beach in North Carolina. (If you don’t have a sunset shot, a sunrise is the next best thing).

Sunrise at Kure Beach, North Carolina

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall 02

Mountain biking and Fall weather go hand in hand. My Trek taking a break.

Fall weather and my Trek

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

The color of Fall is always an intoxicating experience. I love to find new locations where the colors, smells and ambience of Fall enhances the day.

Fall colors in the trees

Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces 02

The second image in this series has four elements composed as one. The primary effect used for this piece is the displacement map. It takes a little effort but on a closer look you will find a host of faces.

Family faces via the displacement map effect

Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces

Here is one of a multiple collection of family portraits for this series. I wanted to use a variety of color elements and effects to express uniqueness in their faces.

The primary effect used in this portrait is colored edges.

Family faces via colored edges

Weekly Photo Challenge: Textures

While hiking the Grandfather Mountain trail in North Carolina, I became fascinated with the rocks at the very summit. They were breathtaking mainly because of the textures they revealed when observed up close.

Rocks at the summit of Grandfather Mountain

Weekly Photo Challenge: Path 04 – Caesars Head Waterfall

There was a lot of interest in my Path 02, the Caesars Head trail. And I mentioned that there was a lovely waterfall (the highest and longest in South Carolina) located at the end the 2.2 mile marker. So thought I would add this photograph of the waterfall to give a sense of the beauty that awaits one who hikes the trail to the lookout point. The waterfall is located across from an expansive gorge.


The waterfall across from the lookout point at Caesars Head