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Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers 04

My final installment for the weekly photo challenge: flowers, is not a flower at all. I usually take a photograph first of the subject I wish to render digitally. However, this image of a “flower” is purely computer designed. With a little help from the kaleidoscope effect, I was able to create this artificial flower.

Flowers an artificial view

Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers 03

I found that exploring both the elements of design and abstraction simultaneously was quite challenging. I will in the future, continue this series in which natural design and computer design merge.

Flowers in purple bloom

Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers 02

The images selected for the weekly photo challenge: flowers are a part of my Post Canvas and Paint series of 2010. I aspire to incorporate both natural imagery and symmetrical design in the series.

Flowers flowing freely

Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

Flowers sometimes reveal the most beautiful forms of abstract design. I am always searching for that intricate form of movement and color variation.

Flowers flowing within