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New Sounds at the Electro-Music Festival in Asheville

Dosia Mckay is a fantastic composer and performer. She writes beautiful music for ensemble and chamber. And as seen here, she explores the latest musical technology. Recently she attended the Electro Music festival in Asheville, NC where she sampled synths both old (modular) and new (the Haken Continum). Oh yes, she is an excellent painter as well. Stop by her blog for a wonderful feast of imagery and sound.

Music Well - Dosia McKay, Composer, Painter, Writer

continuumI spent two days at the Asheville Electro-Music Festival (http://emavl.com/), soaking up many wonderful sounds I am not accustomed to and getting a fill of good drum grooves. I saw new musical instruments, such as Eigenharp and Haken Continuum. I even got a one-on-one demonstration of modular synthesis. I also listened to several very interesting bands/performers with mesmerizing video projections. I feel inspired for weeks to come.

The photo features the Haken Continuum, a MIDI controller and an instrument in its own right with a very powerful internal synthesizer. Watch what it can do here:

Photo courtesy of http://experimentalsynth.com/

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