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“Make Me a Doorway” Jesse Russell Brooks

I found this video to be very interesting and well done. The poetry has a lovely, mesmerizing, flow to it and a haunting sense of self awareness. And all the while questioning … who we are … how do we fit in the world … how am I perceived. Alexzenia Davis I feel is an artist worth getting to know.


Posted by Diva Muanza

Interview with Los Angeles based director Jesse Russell Brooks.

Jesse Russell Brooks Biography 

photo credit : Josh Bovill

What is the meaning behind your film “Make me a Doorway” ?

“Make Me A Doorway” is a compilation of three poems: “Make Me”, “My Silhouette” and “A Lady’s Psyche” written by Alexzenia Davis. She wrote the piece based off a series of in depth conversations that we had regarding personality and identity. How we may construct or naturally define our identity through an intimate relationship and how that effects our perspective of others. The piece focuses on Memory, Language and Relationships.
Poet Alexzenia Davis explores perspective and intimacy during a rush of mixed media footage that visualizes the characteristics of time.  The short film titled is an experimental collaboration with filmmaker Jesse Russell Brooks that investigating the memories of past relationships, what photography makes of love lost and how these reflections…

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  1. “make me a doorway”…special

    June 22, 2012 at 4:21 pm

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