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Music For Looking Back: Flashing Lights Have Ended Now – Foxes In Fiction

Take a look at old photographs and remember the echoes of….

Foxes In Fiction

http://youtu.be/1ihAE-lDCqU – Flashing Lights Have Ended Now by Foxes In Fiction

Foxes In Fiction

The other evening I was downloading some electronic, ambient and IDM music to burn onto a CD. I usually listen to Fluid Radio on Itunes for the best of Experimental Frequencies, Drone, glitch, Neo-Classical, Computer and Abstract recordings. I had come across Foxes In Fiction several times, and noted them on my to buy list. They are a mixed bag of sorts i.e. they construct both ambient and pop music. I really connected with this tune “Flashing Lights Have Ended Now”, because of its steady beat, heavy reverb, echo, and dreamlike guitar/lyrics. It seemed to inhabit the small garage, small club feeling, I knew so well. A retro cool. A journey back to comic books.  High school basement Jams. Robert Fripp and his Frippertronics concert at the University of Pennsylvania circa 1984. Downtown Philly. Emerald City. L7 in NYC. An early morning dive after partying all night … discovering the descent … and the feeling of looking through some old photographs … alone.

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