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Maybe Tomorrow a Similar Question a Different Answer 02

The Backyard in Meditation 02 2011 remix

Hi Liz,

You asked about the process of creating my work. That question is perhaps leading me to think about this as a series of posts that in fragments will convey the answers visually and instructional. So with that in mind, here is a collection of answers highlighted in large type. I have a large inventory of images from over the years. And as I have said on my website, the computer allows for what seems like infinite possibilities of creative choice and energy. I have certain steps that are basic such as photo correction (done first and throughout the image manipulation). I then create a series of effects, which are based on the photo style itself (portrait, landscape, abstract, etc) and in which direction I want the image to go (sharp or soft, but always rich in color and form). I love to layer my images when creating large conceptual pieces. However for the posts I am usually looking at more simplistic imaging to correspond with the immediacy of the posting. I find this to be like “sketching”. Sometimes I can complete an image for a post in 30 minutes or less. The internet and social networking provides a new art medium in-of-itself. It can dictate how an artist approaches his own work. It also forms a new way of communicating with large exposure. In the past the concentration was on gallery exhibitions, and producing hard copies, (prints) etc. But now, I can also hope to find various internet vehicles to promote, and to create, new visual processes for the future.

Major effects for The Backyard in Meditation 02: Multiple layers, Glowing Edges @ 3% intensity, 20% sharpness.


One response

  1. True… with the internet, we have to take time and speed into consideration … and then all the perspectives out there.

    February 22, 2011 at 6:16 am

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