words and art by w a l t e r w s m i t h

The Narrow Way / The Bridge to Knowing

The Narrow Way / The Bridge to knowing begins with your daily meditation practice

We often try to understand who we are through the process of knowing. In doing so, we come face to face with a peculiar dialectic.  That peculiarity is how to bridge the awareness of being the knower and the known. To do this, one must understand that everything in awareness is known because of you. Our perception of the things around us is derived from an ever changing inherent existence. Things can never exist upon their own power, nor can the awareness of things be from the thinking mind alone. We exist in that place in between the two — You are Knowing. It is the state of Knowing that frees us from the misconceptions, the untruths of the object / known relationship and the subject / knower relationship. We begin the journey with our daily practice in meditation, and move forward when we let go of ourselves and the world around us and just Be That which Is.

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